REZZ: A Certain Kind of Magic Tour Hits Houston

Written by on November 24, 2018

The DJ/producer who has been capturing hearts and melting faces, Rezz hit up Houston on her Certain Kind of Magic Tour last week and CoogRadio was there to give you the full recap. Rezz is one of the most highly billed female DJs, and has played big festivals like Coachella and Electric Daisy Festival, even starting her own annual show at Colorado’s famous Red Rocks venue this year. Her albums Mass Manipulation and most recent, A Certain Kind of Magic, have been gaining popularity as her fan base grows and more people are drawn in by her mesmerizing sound and style. With such a unique sound that diverges from typical EDM genres, at the young age of 22, Rezz is already achieving what takes most other electronic artists up to a decade to create.

With her playing at Revention Music Center, I was excited and ready to be hypnotized by Rezz’s magic. The venue was already vibrating with bass and energy when I arrived, as Boogie T threw down some jams as he opened for Rezz. One of the things I immediately noticed is that the crowd Rezz is incredibly down-to-earth and kind to one another. If you’ve been to concerts before you know the crowds and pushy people can be annoying, but that didn’t seem to be a problem with this crowd. Eeveryone was smiling, polite, and so nice – always making room for each other and mingling as if they were all old friends. It’s really rare to find such friendly crowds, and I’ve never experienced that anywhere other than EDM shows. It likely has to do with age as well, as it draws a younger crowd of mostly college students who are open to experiencing the magic of this unique music.

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Rezz by Miriam Gonzalez 

As soon as Rezz came on, the crowd surged with energy as her new intro (inspired by her Nightmare on Rezz Street audio/visual mix) played and she came on in her signature look – all black clothes, a black hat, and her light up goggles. Although it was my fifth time seeing her, every time I am still blown away by the quality of her visuals, how seamlessly she flows from song to song, and how she layers so many different sounds perfectly. Every set is different and this time she played a brilliant mix of songs, with a few of her older hits from Mass Manipulation, like “Relax” and “Livid,” and of course many songs from A Certain Kind of Magic. “H E X” and “Teleportal” went especially hard, and she remixed many of her songs with songs by other artists like TroyBoi and Porter Robinson. It amazes me how she can blend in and remix the music of artists whose music sounds nothing like hers, but she elegantly puts her own twist on many other songs her fans know and love. She also played a few lyrical songs, like “Toxin,” and the crowd knew every word, singing along with her. Throughout the entire set, everyone was dancing, jamming out, and having a great time, as Rezz brought the heat with every beat drop.

Towards the end of her set, she played a remix of Porter Robinson’s “Divinity,” which she had been tweeting about for last few weeks. I was really hoping she would play it at this set, and it was even more beautiful than I imagined. I couldn’t wrap my head around how she can make a slower, more synth-pop sound blend so well with her heavier dubstep/bass beats. Throughout the set she played a few other unreleased songs she’s been working on, and it definitely brought the bass and eerie Rezz vibe her fans adore, giving us a taste of what will be on her upcoming releases.

The quality of her visuals and production, and the vibe of her shows overall, are like nothing I’ve experienced before. An incredible young and talented woman, Rezz is definitely a name to look out for as she is just getting started on her journey. I thoroughly enjoyed this show, and would highly recommend checking out Rezz if you enjoy electronic music. You can stay in touch by following her on Twitter and Instagram, and you can check out a playlist of her discography on Spotify below.



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