Lights All Night Artist Spotlight: Oliver Tree

Written by on December 26, 2018

What came first? Oliver Tree or the meme? The 25 year old producer, vocalist, and artist leans into the culture of memes and embraces the humor and adopts it as a lifestyle.

The Best Oliver Tree Memes

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Tree (whose full name is Oliver Tree Nickell) seems to have appeared from nowhere or fallen down from earth from a hundred miles away in his Dixie Cup sweat suit, bowl cut, and ironic sunglasses. Part of this explosion and wave of attention is a result of his signing to Atlantic Records in Spring of 2017. However, Tree has been producing music for almost a decade. At the young age of 17 he opened for big time acts such as Skrillex and Zedd. At 18 he signed to R&S Records under the simple and sweet name Tree, where he released his first EP titled Demons.

The Music

Demons precedes his second EP Alien Boy, which released on February 16, 2018. Much like Tree’s brightly colored sweat suits, windbreakers, and meme culture, the beats are quick, snappy, and feel good. Even when he slows it down, like in “All I Got” the music is still bright and warm even before the beat speeds up. Alien Boy contrasts “Hurt,” the debut single off of the forthcoming full album titled Ugly Is Beautiful. The track possesses the same quick beats as other songs, but diverges in sound with the electric guitar that seems to play during the verses and bridge.

The transition in sound from Alien Boy to “Hurt” is unsurprising. Tree is a versatile artist. He can sing, produce and rap. One can catch his croons in many songs, but in particular “Welcome to LA” and then catch him rapping in “Movement.” “Movement” as its name indicates, will get you moving. It’s no wonder that Apple chose it for one of their recent commercials. It has a low staccato beat that builds as he raps, “I speed up I go faster. No sh*t I just rolled right past ya.” The line is indicative of his career. He’s moving fast and he could roll right past ya, but you can catch him in Dallas at Lights All Night.

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