The Magical World of Lights All Night: Day 2

Written by on January 10, 2019

Day 1 of Lights All Night brought it, between the girls on roller skates with bubble guns, the acrobats flying from half moons suspended in the air, the go-go dancers, the lights, and the amazing performers it proved to be simply magical. Day 2 did not disappoint either. Expanding on the mesmerizing visuals, interesting vendors, intriguing art installations, and fantastic performers of the prior day, Day 2 showed up as well. Continue reading for the full experience as reported by Coog Radio’s Tiffany Noviski Neufeld and Quenton Redding.


I started my exploration of the night at the Supernova stage by experiencing Ekali’s magical set. He gave a different sound from the other artists at the festival which was very enjoyable. He performed a mixture of tracks like Helios to tracks like “Leaving,” which was personally my favorite part of the performance. With the crowd, the mellow feeling as you see couples cuddled up, and strangers trading bracelets and giving warm hugs together, you could do nothing but smile at the interaction between Ekali and the packed crowd vibing out with him. This was the set you didn’t want to miss and was full of excitement.

– Quenton Redding 


2018 served as a good year for FuntCase. The 32 year old from Bournemouth, England made that clear as he came on stage. He announced that 2018 included approximately 22 remixes and recordings – a busy, good year for the DJ and producer known most for his dubstep. 2018 included the follow up album to DPMO, Vol. 1, which was released in 2017, and a collaboration with Teddy Killerz. The proud and positive energy translated well to the crowd. Festival goers were as hyped as him. The music flowed from the speakers of the Intergalatic stage to the fans like a string that tied to each individual audience member. As the set continued, the music would pull festival goers back and forth as their bodies flailed to the hard energy of the music. The string was almost visible and tangible; the connection was so strong. The visuals consisted of “FuntCase” in a font that resembled melting candy. The use of the melted images felt appropriate as the music melted the faces off of everyone in attendance. FuntCase mixed pure dirty beats with sounds of records scratching, dirty bass, and purge hype music. The call to action rang out, “Headbangers break your f*cking head, b*tch!” And almost everyone acted accordingly along with the hard hitting performance.

– Tiffany Noviski Neufeld 

Gucci Mane 

The crowd went wild at the Supernova stage as the ice cream man, Gucci Mane the La Flare took the stage. He performed his holiday fan favorite St. Brick Intro and it brought the crowd back to life. He also played his latest hit song Wake Up In the Sky and the whole crowd knew the song word for word. It just felt very short like his set was cut or something but nevertheless, it was an amazing performance from the legendary Gucci.

– Quenton Redding 


Pat Lok

If Day 1 felt cold and icy, Day 2 said, “Hold my beer,” spun around and generated even colder weather. Looking around the event on December 29th, most festival goers put on a bit more clothing than they had the day before. However, it still felt even colder. This shift in weather was particularly evident during Pat Lok’s set whom performed on the Planet Prime stage outside of Dallas Market Hall.  The weather unfazed Pat Lok though. His vibe was bright, positive and infectious. In turn, the tracks followed suit with fun, uptempo dance music. One vocal sample sang, “Get hyped!” and the accompanying beats encouraged the same. He performed a remix of Rihanna’s “Umbrella.” Additionally, he did his original track “Might Be on Fire” and played a song that had never been played before.

– Tiffany Noviski Neufeld


There was an alien invasion at the Supernova stage and his name was Excision. The number of lights and lasers used in his set was mind-blowing. The music and people moshing in the middle of the crowd placed you into a world of controlled chaos. Even though there was a lot of moshing and pushing, people seemed to still enjoy their time. They were either smiling, yelling, or just left with their mouths open as they had probably never experienced something like this before. By the end of the set, I was full of sweat and felt like I just played a full game of 21. From the visuals to the music it was definitely the BEST set of the festival.

– Quenton Redding 

Shiba San

Almost everything on the internet refers to Shiba San as being a “curious enigma.” He left behind 15 years of production in the French hip hop scene to begin his own musical career. The 15 years of experience is evident in his own live shows. His set is consistent, enticing, and sustainable. The first track he played on the Intergalactic stage was a yummy house track. He followed it up with lots of fast moving techno, his track “Upside Down” off of his latest EP Your Mind, a mix of Kelis’s “Milkshake,” and other jungle style beats. The crowd participated by chanting, “Oo oo,” back to the Parisian DJ.  Additionally, there was hardly a still moment between him and the crowd. The amount of dancing felt intense. Shiba San would drop the beat and speed the tempo up and the audience would follow on the ride with him. He too clearly enjoyed the show as much festival goers.

– Tiffany Noviski Neufeld 


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