Binki Brings the Energy to White Oak Music Hall

Written by on July 21, 2023

On July 14, 2023, Binki gave an electric performance in Houston. The sold-out show was accompanied by Ernest Rareberrg in the upstairs room at White Oak Music Hall.

Binki by Amarylis Rodriguez

The show began when alt-pop singer, Ernest Rareberrg, walked onto stage in a clergy robe while holding a Bible. Behind him was a guitarist in angel wings. From the minute the singer and his guitarist walked on stage, the audience was captivated in a performance that not only charmed through the music, but through a theatrical aspect as well. He played upbeat tunes like “Tearing Me Apart,” rock songs like “Blimp” and softer melodies such as “Secondary Handstand.”

After a few songs, the performer asked for someone to come onto the stage. After the singer chose a volunteer, he asked her to read out what was held within his Bible. Inside was the ABC’s. As the fan sang her ABC’s, the audience joined in and Rareberrg exited the stage for a quick-change. After he changed, he came back and revealed himself in angel wings that resembled the ones of the guitarist. He then picked up a skeleton that was wearing the robe he previously had on. It seemed to be that he “died” and became an angel, who was holding a skeleton of himself.

The artist continued the set with a couple more songs before leaving a lucky member of the crowd with a poster as a parting gift. Rareberrg overall took the audience through a delightful, emotional rollercoaster. Through the acting, dancing and various moods exhibited in his music, he left us wanting to hear more.

Around 10 pm, fans were screaming with excitement as Binki kicked off the show with “Revolve,” a song from his 2021 EP, MOTOR FUNCTION. The quick bass and high-tempo drums got the crowd dancing and provided a perfect start to the show. He continued with songs both old and new; many from his newest EP, Antennae, such as “Freakin,” and “Origami.”

Energy was at a high when songs such as “Landline,” “Sea Sick” and “Heybb!” were played. Fans were singing and dancing along, you could feel the floor vibrating. The lights were also moving and switching between yellow and red with the rhythm of the music. The artist matched the high energy of the crowd by being incredibly interactive with them. He was explaining how he performed at White Oak last time he was in the city, asking if anyone has been to his shows before, talking sports and even barking along the crowd, asking for everyone to “woof” collectively.

The night concluded with, “Marco,” a song that was requested not only once, but multiple times by different fans throughout the night. The singer finally gave in when a crowd chant won him over.

Marco, Marco, Marco!


You guys want Marco? Alright, that’ll be my last song for tonight!

Binki to the audience

Seconds later, the song began and the crowd went wild. After the song was done, the artist thanked Houston for a great night and promptly left the stage. Everyone was so eager for more that many stayed minutes after the show concluded with hopes that an encore was on its way, despite the singer previously warning them that there would be none.

Overall, the show delivered great vibes all around the room. It was a super fun night for all the Binki fans in Houston and I hope he comes back soon!

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