My Funeral Playlist

Written by on July 25, 2023

A list of songs I want to be played at my funeral.

Although planning my funeral seems morbid, I want the end of my life to be a celebration. Therefore I compiled a list of songs that honor my existence and give insight into my spirit.

Track 1. “Funeral” by Wallice

The inspiration for creating this playlist, Wallice, brings a bright energy to the concept of a funeral. Instead of creating a slow-paced tune, she constructs an indie rock track with memorable lyrics. Gritty guitar accompanies Wallice as she sings:

‘Cause we’re dancing at my funeral
I wanna rock and roll, oh
When my body leaves my soul
The crowd’s gonna lose control

“Funeral” by Wallice

Bringing upbeat energy to the sad event. A great song to celebrate life’s journey instead of its tragic ending.

Track 2. “What’s Up” by 4 Non Blondes

At nine years old, I fell in love with this song. Its raw lyrics, sung by the raspy voice of Linda Perry, compelled my passion for music. Therefore the ’90s track has a special place in my heart. The beginning of the first verse drives a theme of existential crisis:

25 years and my life is still
Tryin’ to get up that great big hill of hope
For a destination

“Whats Up” by 4 Non Blondes

It addresses the question, “What is the purpose of life?” The confusion about the meaning of life’s journey and how we may never discover the answer. In the end, was there a reason to live, or was it one simple game? Thus a perfect concept to play at my funeral.

Track 3. “Tommy’s Party” by Peach Pit

One of my favorite songs by Peach Pit, the instrumentals and lyrics describe the transition into adulthood. Although the track is six minutes long, every moment creates a build-up for the instrumental solo, something I admire. The lyrics:

I was thinking back just the other day
Remember when we used to sneak out late to go and blaze
Seemed like loneliness was all we’d ever do
But now she’s knowing you, just like I used to

“Tommy’s Party” by Peach Pit

Foreshadow, the long, drawn-out guitar solo emulates the feeling of emptiness accompanied by adulthood. Lonesomeness and death go hand in hand, making this song captivate the feeling perfectly. It’s a slow indie rock song that will remain my favorite to the grave.

Track 4. “Fade Into You” by Mazzy Star

A 90’s love song about wanting a deep emotional connection with someone. The song’s slow rhythm and repetitive lyrics create a sense of sorrow. Yet the lovely acoustic guitar brings a nostalgic and peaceful feeling to the melancholy lyrics making it the perfect funeral track. For instance, the line

I wanna hold the hand inside you
I wanna take the breath that’s true
I look to you, and I see nothing

“Fade Into You” by Mazzy Star

Expresses how someone wants a deep connection with somebody. Instead of adoring only the appearance of someone, you cherish the person’s soul. Additionally, it also means connecting with someone who has disappeared. The “nothing” can be the person’s soul vanishing, alluding to death.

Track 5. “Kids” by Current Joys

Another song that deals with the reality of adulthood. In a sea of slow-paced instrumentals, the Current Joys depicts adulthood as a journey filled with angst. While being a kid brings glee, entering adulthood brings a mixture of confusion as one comes into reality.

Oh, I’m no longer a kid
And everything has changed
There’s nothing in my heart
And lightning in my brain

“Kids” by Current Joys

The last verse describes the depression adulthood brings. Instead of the joy of learning from childish mistakes, adulthood acknowledges how one must strive to be the best without an excuse. The song concludes the journey of life, something that will resonate at a funeral.

Track 6. “Our Day Will Come” by Amy Winehouse

 Amy Winehouse remains one of my favorite artists of all time. With her jazz influence, songwriting, and overall talent, her music is an excellent way to conclude the playlist. In this song, she discusses ultimately reuniting with her lovely. The chorus alludes to people reuniting with their lost loved ones in blissful acoustics and Winehouse vocals creating a delighted feeling to a sorrowful situation. 

Our day will come (Our day will come)
If we just wait a while
No tears for us (No tears for us)
Think love and wear a smile

“Our Day Will Come” by Amy Winehouse

The lyrics, although straightforward, the depiction celebration of life-loving moments is a feeling I want at my funeral.

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