Wallice Live At Antones Nightclub

Written by on July 17, 2023

On Tuesday, July 11, Wallice and Nitefire performed wonderfully at Antones Nightclub in Austin, Texas. The Texan crowd rejoiced in the artist’s optimistic energy and feel-good indie rock music.

At 8 pm, on the dot, Nitefire arrives on stage eager to perform. The lead singer, Nico, wears a suit and polka dot tie, juxtaposing his bandmate’s t-shirt and jeans. Astoundingly, the bass player, Luke, wears a cast on his right arm and still strums every note. While the drummer, Noah, and guitarist, Christian, rock an early 2000’s rock band aesthetic.

Images by Sorraya Gonzales

Furthermore, the energetic performance of each song added to the band’s look. For instance, the lead singer would bring the microphone into the pit and sing his heart into the entertained crowd. In addition to the lead singer’s energy, the band’s instrumentals radiated old-school 2000s rock, like The Strokes, while the lyrics gave a modern indie feel similar to Wallows.

Without a doubt, the songs with the best energy and instrumentals included “Frustrated,” “Worth It,” and “Clandenstino.” Their high energy was balanced out with slow songs such as “Star of the Show” and “Sunflower.” These songs were a reminder to show gratitude to the ones you love. One song gave a shoutout to a friend they cherished for their caring personality. After their set, they thanked the crowd, saying, “Texas forever,” then joined the pit one final time.

At 9:10, Wallice enters the stage with a bright smile. She opens with the song “Disappear,” surrounded by teal lights. A wave of excitement rushes into the crowd as the artist sings the chorus:

Wanna disappear before it gets too weird
I wanna leave this place for a couple of years
Like a mutt with rabies, I foam at the mouth
Bought a house in Hades ’cause I’m headed south

“Disappear” by Wallice

As an excellent way to start the show, the chorus’s passionate vitality remains my favorite. After opening with “Disappear,” Wallice transitions into two slower songs, “Little League” and “Loser at Best.” The tracks reflect the singer’s past relationship and childhood demonstrated through slow beats. Her calm, soothing voice aids in her lyrics of sorrow.

Wallice announces how the next song remains important. It was her first release, “Punching Bag,” with a message about loving a toxic ex. Currently, the track has over 9 million streams on Spotify, bringing Wallice into stardom as many related to the song’s message of heartbreak.

I still got your number saved in my phone
And I only ever think of it when I’m alone
I can’t seem to read between your lines
Do you wanna see me or just pass the time?

“Punching Bag” by Wallice

Despite the melancholy message, Wallice retains a large smile during songs such as “90’s American Superstar” and “Rich Wallice.” In a hue of bubblegum pink lights, she exclaims to the crowd

I’m so excited to be here!

She explains how she lost her voice two days before the show. Therefore her stage presence was astounding, considering she could barely speak a few days before. After a direct flight to Austin, I’m grateful she could perform despite her sore voice.

In the next track, “John Wayne,” Wallice explains how she wore a cowboy outfit arriving in Texas. Although the outfit was a bit too country for Austin, she still enjoyed singing the cowboy-inspired track. Yet the show’s highlight was the song “Headache.” It was a memorable performance with extraordinary instrumentals, full of Wallice’s lush hair flips, and screaming vocals.

Another crowd favorite included songs like “Off the Rails” and “Japan.” Both tracks demonstrated the artist’s calming voice and great songwriting abilities. The crowd rejoices word for word during both tracks. It also led to the introduction of the band members. Wallice’s vocals complemented Chole’s drums, and Callaghan’s guitar strums harmonize with Doron on bass. Both guys on strings wore Goggles, which was amusing.

With the show coming to a close, a fan decided to give a gift to Wallice. It was a mystery baby toy unboxing, which aided as an intermission before the last set of songs. Not only did Wallice get a gift, but so did their bassist. Since it was his birthday, the crowd sang happy birthday to him while Wallice’s crew brought out an ice cream cake. It was a lovely gesture and brought a smile to the crowd.

The last two songs of the set included her number-one hits “23” and “Funeral.” Both tracks provided a nice close to the setlist. Overall it was a wonderful show, and Wallice was kind to every fan. She talked to people after the show, took a BeReal. or two and signed some merch. It was a delightful experience, and I hope Wallace will come to Texas again.

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