Christian Leave: A True Superstar

Written by on October 25, 2023

With the one-year anniversary of this EP approaching, I decided to analyze every track on this intricate piece of art.

Christian Leave, an indie pop musician, has extended boundaries by providing a new perspective on heartbreak. In his EP, Superstar, Leave tells the story of someone trying to rekindle a faded spark while feeling inferior to their partner’s accomplishments. With only five tracks, the EP’s poetic lyrics display the vulnerability and insecurity of a dissolving relationship. 

Superstar Cover Art courtesy of Spotify

Track 1: “Superstar”

The beginning four lines of the track introduce the main protagonist, dilemma, falling into the shadow of their partner.

I’ll never be the one
I’ll never be the thing they’re drawn to
Always just a face
Always just an etch people know through you.

“Superstar” by Christian Leave

In this first stanza, Leave demonstrates his insecurity about being the relationship’s sidekick. Instead of feeling on the same level, he compares their partner to a bright star. The last lines

Standing with the brightest thing the rest of us could never be
You are a Superstar.

“Superstar” by Christian Leave

summarizes the album’s theme perfectly as the protagonist accepts the notion of being inferior to their significant other.

Track 2: “Why Not?”

The second track depicts the protagonist trying to rehash things with their partner. In the track’s first lines, a metaphor of the relationship holding on by a thread depicts the tension between the two lovers.

Spreading out
The blanket you bought as a rug
You’re holding on the thread and
Hoping you can find some love
In the comfort
Of a walked on rehash.

“Why Not?” by Christian Leave

After establishing the issue, the chorus proposes working through the problem.

So I say
“Hey you
Why not work on it?
Like we used to”

“Why Not?” by Christian Leave

Despite the good intentions, the ending verse describes how the relationship has remained imbalanced. While Leave wants to provide more to their partner, he knows his efforts will not change anything, and the only way to create a change is to bargain for a fresh start.

Track 3: “Coming In”

The third track acts as a climax, indicating the relationship’s downfall. The song addresses how the lovers must go their separate ways despite the pain brought by the separation.

The chorus demonstrates how they were aware of their feelings drifting apart.

We could’ve seen it
Should’ve felt this
Coming in again

“Coming In” by Christian Leave

At the song’s end, Leave states how despite the warnings of a breakup, he is still not ready to lose his partner.

You’re shaking and breaking
The world that I’m prepared for
I’m just not there

“Coming In” by Christian Leave

Overall, the song depicts three acts: the anticipation of a break, the breakup and the reflection of the breakup. A timeline done in only three and a half minutes, Leave encapsulates the complexity of relationships falling apart excellently. The track remains my favorite, with its beautiful electric guitar solo and lyrical depth.

Track 4: “Ain’t No Reason”

The fourth track depicts Leave’s grief over the breakup. In an array of a beautiful choir and a nice harmonious blend of piano and guitar, Leave sings of how he can not fathom his failed relationship.

Ain’t no reason
To make me
Stay and think about you
Push me away

“Ain’t No Reason” by Christian Leave

This chorus describes his frustration with longing for his past partner. Yet the second verse explains how Leave brought a wedge into the relationship.

I take more than I give
Tried to be safety
Tried to let you in

“Ain’t No Reason” by Christian Leave

With this realization, Leave knows the relationship is imbalanced, and the two are better off apart. As he reflects, he realizes that heartbreak is the only option and ends the song with

Ain’t no reason
To make
Me stay and think I have you
Feel the decay

“Ain’t No Reason” by Christian Leave

Track 5: “Pull”

The final track of the EP allows for an ominous take on the relationship. It depicts Leave combating a broken heart while a friend confronts his sadness. Whether the “pull” of sadness is caused by memories of an ex-partner or by Leave himself remains unknown. Therefore, the message depicts the singer stuck in a rut of a broken heart and does not indicate him overcoming his depression.

The line in the first verse acts as a friend trying to check up on Leave.

Are you okay, man?
Have you changed your wire?
You would rather ignore living than confront who hangs in your mind.

“Pull” by Christian Leave

The chorus explains how Leave refuses to talk about the cause of his sadness, driving tension in his friendship.

Something’s got in your head
I feel the pull on your side of the bed
I know you don’t wanna put up a fight
So we don’t have to

“Pull” by Christian Leave

The second verse explains how Leave has tried rebranding himself into a new person, yet the weight of the breakup has taken a toll on his mental health.

December felt good for once in a while
I got a new shade, a new pain, a new buff, a redesign
You’ve been such a stranger
You live on your own isle
Landfill of heavy-weight guilt for all your desire

“Pull” by Christian Leave

Repeating the chorus, Leave ends the EP with the question of whether or not he will be able to overcome his broken heart and achieve true happiness by being single.

Superstar Live Cover Art courtesy of ProStudioMaster

Superstar tells the story of a broken heart with detailed lyrics and stunning instrumentation. The EP remains underrated and deserves more recognition for Leave’s ability to display such vulnerability and emotion in his art. Whether in a state of happiness or depression, these five songs remain my favorite anytime I listen.

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