George Clanton Comes Back to Houston

Written by on October 24, 2023

In the crevices of Houston, the Satellite Bar was a home to many beautiful shows. One of which was the show of underground “internet music” star, George Clanton back in 2021. Last week the electronic/ vaporwave artist was back in Houston for his newest album’s Ooh Rap I Ya tour. As expected, Clanton gave an immersive performance at White Oak music Hall. With openers death’s dynamic shroud and Frost Children, Clanton created a recipe for a unique show. 

As the lights dimmed and the quick hush of the crowd surfaced, anticipation began as the first opener death’s dynamic shroud took the stage. James Webster and Keith Rankin stood center stage with two laptops and a guitar. The unique synth breaks and sudden burst of electronic samples released an exciting energy into the air. They are undoubtedly a group that vaporwave listeners are inclined to enjoy. The focus and passion of Webster and Rankin poured into the crowd as they gave exhilarating guitar and vocal performances.

Photo by Mia De Los Reyes for Coog Radio

The colorful and eccentric Frost children followed up with a persona that 100 gecs or Bladee fans would adore. Lulu and Angel indulged deeply into their craft, a mix of bouncing hyper pop electronic sounds and vocals that left a taste of slight Midwest emo vocal inspiration. Although Frost children are a group for those with acquired taste, they cultivated a riveting and interactive space for the Houston audience. There was never a dull moment while Frost children danced and moved across the stage. The energy had been devised appropriately for George Clanton’s appearance. 

Photo by Mia De Los Reyes for Coog Radio

Ooh Rap I ya, shows Clanton’s ability to stay true to his staple sound while exemplifying growth in lyricism and production. These qualities were exhibited when the first song began and carried out through the end. Performing songs from his older albums such as 100% Electronica and Slide, fans acquired through the years were not disappointed. 

Photo by Mia De Los Reyes for Coog Radio

Among performing hits such as “It makes the babies want to cry,” or “I been young,” Clanton said his favorite things about Texas.  Energetic jokes about Whataburger and Buccees were made, and smiles came from the Houston audience. Clanton has a way with connecting to the audience not just through the music. Throughout the show he crossed barricade to give a hand to the crowd, and at one point even went into the crowd. His passion for the fans that have supported his artistry showed immensely.  

Through the fog, light up backdrop and box TV sets on the stage Clanton let out his childlike spirit and in turn so did the crowd. Allowing a space for jumping and yelling the lyrics to songs such as “Justify your life,” or “Everything I want,” the energy at white oak music hall was high. After an almost hour long set, the lights dimmed and Clanton thanked his fans.

Photo by Mia De Los Reyes for Coog Radio

George Clanton will be ending his 2023 tour in Brooklyn at the end of November. His performances never fail to carry out and deliver a vivacious atmosphere. The singer’s music continues to get better through each release. Clanton is an artist many people of different music tastes can come together and appreciate.

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