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“I don’t want you to get it right away… Great music takes a little work. It takes elevating your listening level. – Aubrey Drake Graham After almost three years of anticipation and anxiety, Toronto’s sweetheart Aubrey Drake Graham released Views, his fourth studio album; this excludes 2015’s “mixtape” If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. Drake announced […]

Zayn Malik (now widely known as ZAYN) left his best friends of famous boy band One Direction on March 25, 2015. Exactly one year later, Malik released his debut solo album Mind of Mine.

The Monster Energy Outbreak House on West 5th Street featured different genres of music on four separate days of the 2016 South by Southwest Music Festival and Conference. College, Rock, Hip hop, and EDM music was featured throughout the week, bringing in many diverse crowds to the house.

On a cloudy Friday afternoon, Brooklyn-based singer and songwriter Kevin Garrett took the Pandora Discovery Den stage to perform a short set of tracks from his musical career. His poignant lyricism and musicianship were showcased throughout the set and he definitely captivated the audience with his smooth falsetto and production. Performing fan favorite tracks from […]

South by Southwest’s music conference is in full swing, and as SPIN announced earlier this month, on Thursday, March 17,  their 2nd annual AXE Collective + Crew day party powered by SPIN hit Austin by storm.

Austin and SXSW Music welcomed the annual festival and live TV event, The MTV Woodies/10 For 16 for another star-studded lineup on Wednesday, March 17.

Coverage by: Rupal Mehta and Madeline Robicheaux

“Bars are worth more than money because it’s something the people can use everyday to feel inspired.” – Kanye West

Louisville native Bryson Tiller paid a visit to the birthplace of chopped and screwed music Sunday night at House of Blues.

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