On a cool Autumn Saturday night, the various characters of the local Houston scene gathered for an evening of loud, brutal, hardcore- amongst other things. The first opener of the night was Nothing after Death, a shoegaze-esque rock band from right here in Houston. My friend, Eight, who accompanied me, commented, “They’ve never booked a […]

When Broken is Easily Fixed 15 Year Anniversary Tour Silverstein is currently touring in honor of the 15th anniversary of their debut album When Broken is Easily Fixed. The Canadian rock band is touring with Hawthorne Heights, As Cities Burn, and Capstan. On this adventure, they are playing two sets – one full set consisting […]

I already know what you’re thinking, “Whoa! Who are these My Chemical Romance wannabes?” As you were told as a child, never judge a book by its cover. If you like music that makes you want to punch a hole in the nearest wall, these guys are right up your alley.

Coverage by: Trent Lira and Rajiv Radia

To say you haven’t heard anything like Only Beast is an understatement. Only Beast performed at Coog Radio’s 5th Birthday Bash. The best way to describe them: loud. “A Nerve”, the opening track from Only Beast’s debut album, introduces the listener to a raucous mix of hard rock n’ roll and contemplative post-rock blues. Notice Danielle […]

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