“If you do not do what you’re told to do when you’re told to do it you will be punished, do you understand?” “Aye, Sir!” “If you leave my base without proper authorization I will hunt you down and throw your ass in jail. Do you understand?” “Aye, Sir!” “I can’t hear you!” “Aye, Sir!” […]

Notorious English rock band, Muse, has just released additional North American tour dates to their Drones World Tour 2015/16 with support from Phantogram and X Ambassadors.

Muse has confirmed via Twitter that the release date of their new album Drones will be June 8, 2015. It’s been three years since their last album, The 2nd Law and Drones marks their seventh studio album overall, the art and track listing is all very Muse-esque. Their ‘fight the system’ persona seems to alive […]

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