Rock on | Photo by Cynthia Isabel Zelaya Ordoñez

I’m gonna need you to get down! All the way,” yells Aaron Pauley. The crowd takes a few steps back, then begin to follow suit. “When I say jump, we’re all gonna lose out s***!” Muscles tense in anticipation. Some …

Of Mice & Men, Parkway Drive, Beartooth, and Many More Crush So What? Music Fest Read more »

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     Does anyone remember Open Air? That ill-fated rock festival with a chaotic inaugural year that didn’t even get a second chance due to Harvey? Well cry no more! White Oak Music Hall is going to come through for …

So What?: The Rock Festival Houston Needs Read more »

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Beartooth | Photo by Tiffany Neufeld

Beartooth is immortal. The observation stems from the mantra, “I’m destined for greatness or death,” off of their latest album Disease. In the aptly named track “Greatness or Death,” frontman Caleb Shomo proselytizes the idea that it’s either greatness or …

Beartooth Proves to be Immortal in Houston Read more »

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Summer is approaching and with it comes vacations, beaches, parties and just getting to sleep in all day if you want. Summer also means it’s time for the largest traveling tour to come around: the Vans Warped Tour!

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