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Built to Spill has discovered an incredible sound that is beyond just a hybrid of indie organic sounds and rock music. Their music makes you want to dance and move, but also sends a calm wave of noise over your entire being. Originating from Boise, Idaho during the late 90s to present-day, their sound follows […]

This dream pop/indie rock band originating from Blacksburg, Virginia, formed in late 2009, with lead singer Jack Tatum, bassist Jeff Haley, and guitarist Nathan Goodman. Within seven years, Wild Nothing has released three successful studio albums and three EPs, each one incomparable to the last.

Patternist, a one man band composed of Gabe Mouer, has been bringing new sounds to the indie electropop scene since 2014. Mouer was originally part of a band who had the opportunity to tour quite a bit in the beginning when he decided to take a break from music to finish college.

You just never know where you’ll find new music to enjoy, this time, we’re importing all the way from Little Rock, Arkansas. Knox Hamilton is an alternative band who is currently on tour with indie folk group Grizfolk.

2016 is here and it’s time to get into some new music. If you like Arctic Monkeys or The Kooks, Cage The Elephant might be for you. Rock music from Kentucky? I’m not kidding. These guys have been producing indie rock for the past decade. They made a name for themselves in England, with their […]

If you need a reason to smile, we’ve got just the news for you! Alameda, California locals, Finish Ticket, released new music! When Night Becomes Day EP was released September 4 via Atlantic Records. The group has been touring and writing a lot since they released their LP Tears You Apart in May 2014, so, […]

Houston natives, rejoice! Our music scene is no Austin, that’s certain, but there’s light in the horizon. From right around the block, Second Lovers is releasing new music that you should check out! Their indie rock sound might remind you of The Mowglis or Fleetwood Mac, though you won’t get them confused because they have […]

Sometimes the best music is that made from the combination of different musical backgrounds, and Picture Atlantic can definitely say they have that. The three-piece from northern California has been performing together for almost ten years. The group, who first came together in a garage in Santa Clara, has released two full length albums and is […]

Those bands that you see the name of and think, nah, I probably wouldn’t like them. That’s how many may treat Manchester Orchestra, but don’t do yourself the same injustice. This group from the Deep South, Atlanta, are a hit in the indie and alternative rock scenes. They’ve been around for over ten years and […]

A Place to Bury Strangers is a New York City-based noise rock band consisting of guitarist and frontman Oliver Ackermann, bassist Dion Lunadon, and drummer Robi Gonzalez. The band employs a wall-of-sound approach to their brand of  atmospheric shoegaze, psychedelic, and space rock. After a performance at Webster Hall with the Brian Jonestown Massacre, the […]

Asunder, Sweet and Other Distress, the newest album from seminal Canadian post-rock outfit Godspeed You! Black Emperor, is the first material to be released since their hotly anticipated 2012 album Alleluah! Don’t Bend! Ascend! which arrived after a nearly 8 year hiatus. Godspeed has been touring sparingly since the release of that album honing the material for Asunder. As with any […]

Ah, DCFC. This band has taken me on a tour of emotion through the years- “Marching Bands of Manhattan” evokes sadness, “I Will Possess Your Heart,” a cold anger, “A Lack of Color” tranquility, and “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” nihilistic love. Needless to say, DCFC has proven countless times to fans their worth […]

  Hailing from Boston, indie rock and grunge-punk band Pile, is the band other bands have dreams of. They have a shout out in Krill’s 2014 EP Steve Hears Pile In Malden And Bursts Into Tears.  If any of the members of Pile were at a bar with other musicians, they would get so many […]

It’s finally here!! After a critically acclaimed sophomore album “Ceremonials” and almost four years without new music, Florence and the Machine announced their highly anticipated album “How Big, How Beautiful, How Blue,” which will be released on June 2 in the US. Today, the British indie rock-pop band debuted their first single (and accompanying music […]

Whilst streaming through the millions of songs on SoundCloud, I found the group Karma Wears White Ties. Intrigued by the name, I decided to click on it and found a certain sound that I could only describe as fresh and dance-y. Something between the lines of Two Door Cinema Club and Walk the Moon. I knew […] Check out the video for “Line of Fire,” the first video from Junip (featuring acoustic powerhouse Jose Gonzalez) off its upcoming self-titled album. Even casual fans of Jose should be excited for this release.  “Junip” drops April 23 from Mute Records.

Deathfix, featuring Brenden Canty of the almighty Fugazi and DJ Rich Morel, will release their debut album on February 19th.  They are streaming a track, Transmission, from their debut album on Dischord’s Soundcloud page.  They have appeared at last year’s Fun Fun Fun Fest, and will embark on a tour of the Northeast soon.  No […]

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