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Gone are the days of rap videos being confined to just big booties and chains. While many videos still portray a braggadocious lifestyle and are successful with that approach, thoughtfully original visuals with a noticeable purpose seem to be taking the main stage as of late. From political statements to paying homage to their home, […]

Rapsody, two-time Grammy nominated rapper, side steps pigeon holes, boxes and generalizations. She has been labeled a “conscious rapper.” While that title appropriately describes her style of music, she wants to model for others that “You don’t have to be just this.” The idea behind this statement is that the power to be anything and […]

After his last album GO:OD AM, it was pretty impossible to guess where Mac Miller would take his talents next. With albums and mixtapes such as Watching Movies with the Sound Off, Faces, K.I.D.S., and many others, it’s pretty hard to top such an extensive discography. However, four days ago when Mac Miller sent out […]

Coverage by Madeline Robicheaux and BreeAngela Hamilton Though only 24, you could call Mac Miller prolific.

If you follow Mac Miller on Twitter you probably already saw the plethora of tweets he sent out about his upcoming album.

If you’re reading this, congratulations, you’ve survived the first three weeks of the spring semester—and if you’re anything like me, you’re already looking forward to spring break, summer break or any other stretch of time that doesn’t require you to leave your bed (read: put on pants that don’t belong to a pajama set). To […]

Mac Miller released the music video for his song “Avian,” one of the tracks off of his album “Watching Movies with the Sound Off.” The video was produced by Larry Fisherman and directed by Rex Arrow. The concept intrigues me to the point where I want to become a bird disciple.

Editor’s note: this review was written by Bryan Dupont Grey in cooperation with The Daily Cougar. During his up-and-coming rise to fame, Mac Miller had often been viewed as a Pittsburgh rapper whose mixtape and commercial material stayed centered around money, weed and women. It was charming at first, but after a while, the recycled […]

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