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New Orleans’ very own Royal Teeth put on their Cajun dancing shoes for SXSW’s Friday showcase at Esther’s Follies.

As we look back on a crazy week in Austin, we realize that it is slightly colder than it was last week at Austin’s SXSW. (Maybe a sign to remind us that Spring Break is over and school is, once again, a thing?) However, before doing that let us look back at yet another year of music, […]

The Monster Energy Outbreak House on West 5th Street featured different genres of music on four separate days of the 2016 South by Southwest Music Festival and Conference. College, Rock, Hip hop, and EDM music was featured throughout the week, bringing in many diverse crowds to the house.

Ending Thursday’s night of SXSW, Katie Crutchfield of Waxahatchee played The Velveeta Room with tear filled eyes.

Oscar and the Wolf  brought his Belgium pop tunes across the pond to play at Sidewinder’s outside stage on Thursday night.

Lissie performed for the Grammy Museum’s 40 Years of Ramones’ Tribute at Austin’s Maggie Mae’s Rooftop on Wednesday night. With the show starting at 8:25 p.m., doors were opened at 8:24 p.m. to a panicked crowd.

On a cloudy Friday afternoon, Brooklyn-based singer and songwriter Kevin Garrett took the Pandora Discovery Den stage to perform a short set of tracks from his musical career. His poignant lyricism and musicianship were showcased throughout the set and he definitely captivated the audience with his smooth falsetto and production. Performing fan favorite tracks from […]

South by Southwest’s music conference is in full swing, and as SPIN announced earlier this month, on Thursday, March 17,  their 2nd annual AXE Collective + Crew day party powered by SPIN hit Austin by storm.

Showcasing some of the finest women of the music industry, The Parish brought lady jams from around the world for SXSW’s Day 2.

Starting the day on a harmonious and calming note, The Spotify House brought Indie/Country/Folk names like Joseph, Rayland Baxter, and Kacey Musgraves to their stages.

Austin and SXSW Music welcomed the annual festival and live TV event, The MTV Woodies/10 For 16 for another star-studded lineup on Wednesday, March 17.

Coverage by: Rupal Mehta and Madeline Robicheaux

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