Win a Pair of 3-Day Passes to the Fun Fun Fun Festival in Austin



We have been teasing you all month on how you can win your way in to see Wiz Khalifa, Neutral Milk Hotel, Nas, Judas Priest and more! Check out the rules below to see how you can enter the contest for a chance to win a pair of 3-day passes for Fun Fun Fun Fest!

Fun Fun Fun Fest will take place in Austin, Texas from November 7th -9th.

Contest Rules

Contest will run from October 23rd – November 5th.

Be sure to follow our Twitter and like our Facebook to ensure that if you get picked, you receive your tickets.

Every day we are giving away a pair of 3-day passes to Fun Fun Fun Fest.


The following day, the winner will be announced so for example the winner of Monday will be announced Tuesday, prepare to provide your name, e-mail, and Twitter/Facebook handles .

If there is no winner for a certain day, the following day we will have a special contest, so tune in to our social media!

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Album Review: Jessie Ware’s “Tough Love”

British pop-R&B hybrid Jessie Ware released her new album, Tough Love, on October 24th.

Ware adds a great feminine texture to the trendy genre of bare pop-R&B. She joins contemporaries such as The Weeknd and How to Dress Well by crafting soulful, stripped-down music. She’s existed on the scene since 2011 and received wide recognition and acclaim for her 2012 debut album Devotion, which spurned singles “Tough Love” and “Running”.

The genre of R&B itself comes loaded with cliché, and Ware doesn’t attempt to work against that—she works with cliché. Simply inspecting the anthology of the titles of her songs reveal that she is not reaching to transcend the genre. Ware’s distant crooning of shattered hearts is far from revolutionizing R&B. But revolution is not the task in her hand. She focuses on the redefinition of the genre.

The strength of Ware’s vocal delivery is hard to argue with. Her breathy and smoldering pipes are likely to agree with anyone. And in Tough Love she opts to experiment with her voice slightly more than she did in Devotion. Her voice—though agreeable—isn’t one-size-fits-all. It has identity and is recognizable; it’s a truly beautiful, versatile instrument. “Keep On Lying” is a gem—featuring Ware gorgeously belting out the lines “If this isn’t love/then I don’t wanna know”.

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FunFunFun Fest Artist: SOHN


“English not Austrian, solo not a band” is how musician Christopher Blake, better known as SOHN describes himself on his Twitter account. In 2010 Blake released his first songs as SOHN, “Warnings” and “Oscillate” on his Soundcloud page, and his EP “The Wheel” was released in late 2012. He remixed Lana Del Rey’s song “Ride” and has worked with other artists such as BANKS and Kwabs. He was described in an article by the Guardian as the sound of a lapsed choirboy aching soulfully over near-ambient electronica…a more tranquil Gotye.” SOHN will be performing at FunFunFun fest in Austin this year, but before then get your dose of electronic melecholia below.



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FunFunFun Fest Artist: Alt-J

“…mumbling tune…


Do you know where the wild things go

mumbling more, LA LA LA LA!”

The first few months this song hit the radio, this was the description for the song that we were all singing, until someone looked up the lyrics. We had no idea what was being said, but almost everyone loved it.

The hypnotic strums of guitar, mystical keys and the ever so unique voices of the English indie rockers known as Alt-J captivated the music world. One listen to the single Breezeblocks and we were all hooked.

The group consists of lead singer and guitarist Joe Newman, keyboardist Gus Unger-Hamilton, bassist Gwil Sainsbury and drummer Thom Green. They met at Leeds University (where they all studied); Unger-Hamilton is an English Literature major, while the other three have degrees in fine art. Newman and Sainsbury began practicing together, recording there music on the Apple software GarageBand in their hall room, where they were roommates.

Much speculation has questioned whether or not Alt-J was out set to create a new type of music genre. Some classify their sound a “Folkstep” while Unger-Hamilton best describes it as “Post-internet”.

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Fun Fun Fun Fest Contest Day 6 – Simply A Survey

I hope you guys have been enjoying our contest for fun fun fun fest tickets! Today is Day 6 and it’s super simple to enter .

1. Take this super easy survey.

2. Follow/Like CoogRadio, share any of our posts about the survey contest on our facebook or retweet any tweets about the survey from us on Twitter, we will check and if you win and haven’t done that, you will not be considered.

3. That’s it! You’re in!

No submission past Wednesday the 29th, 7PM will be considered and winner will be announced Wednesday. THE DEADLINE WAS EXTENDED!

Be sure to check our social media or website daily for other upcoming contest!

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Concert Review: Watsky’s All You Can Do Tour

As the sun started around House of Blues, crowds lined up in anticipation to witness the fast-paced rapper and poet known as Watsky on October 21st.

Around 7 pm the doors opened for people to start streaming into the Peacock Room. Once inside, the dark ambiance and dangling chandeliers set the stage for a hyperactive performance. After an hour of waiting and mingling around the crowd in the front of the venue, the lights finally dimmed and the crowd came to a hush as one of the first opening artists came onto the stage.

IMG_8125 IMG_8115 IMG_8122

Anderson Paak, a virtually unknown artist, charmed the audience with introducing who he was and constantly asking, “Who am I?!” and the crowd yelling back, “Anderson Paak!” Paak had amazing stage presence and interacted quite often with the crowd. He even went off the stage and serenaded several girls in the front while showing off his vocal range and R&B influence. Not only did Paak sway the audience with his impressive drum solos and jazzy rendition of “Maps” by The YeahYeahYeahs, he got the crowd jumping along to one of his own songs called “Drugs.” After his set was done he asked the audience once again who he was and every single person there knew his name and shouted it ecstatically.

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Fun Fun Fun Fest Day 5 Contest – Instagram Jam

Welcome to day 5 of our Fun Fun Fun Fest Give-a-way!

This contest focuses on Instagram!

Please create a video of you (and who ever else) jamming to one of your favorite Fun Fun Fun Fest artist!

Then post it on your Instagram and make sure to tag and send it to us so we can see it! Our handle is CoogRadio

Be sure to include the hashtags: #CoogRadio and #FFFfest!

Time limit of course is 15 seconds or less, we will judge the video on creativity and uniqueness! Anything goes!

Deadline is Monday (27th) at 10PM, Winner will be announced Tuesday (28th).

And remember this is only day 5! We have 9 more days to go, so that’s 9 more chances at a pair of 3-day Fun Fun Fun Fest passes!

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