FunFunFun Fest Artist: Thundercat


Steven Bruner, an electric bassist known as Thundercat, will be performing at Fun Fun Fun Fest this year.

Thundercat began to play bass professionally at a young age. At 16, he joined the crossover thrash band Suicidal Tendencies and played with them for years. He collaborated with producer Flying Lotus on both Flying Lotus’s album Until The Quiet Comes and on his own studio albums, The Golden Age of Apocalypse (2011) and Apocalypse (2013).

Bruner mixes fusion jazz composition styles with electronica for a tasty blend of lounge listening that demands attention. For an example, just check out “Is It Love?”

Be sure to see Thundercat this November in Austin, Texas!

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FunFunFun Fest Artist: Dinosaur Jr., J Mascis


Legendary noise/indie rockers Dinosaur Jr. are playing Fun Fun Fun Fest!

Formed from the ashes of the fantastic hardcore punk band Deep Wound in the ’80s, Dinosaur Jr. (originally Dinosaur) was formed by J Mascis and Lou Barlow (also of Sebadoh), playing entirely different instruments than in Deep Wound.  They took the indie scene by storm, their albums You’re Living All Over Me and Bug becoming staples of the genre, blending alternative rock songwriting with a noise rock sound.  Dinosaur Jr. were a contradiction, combining slacker rock with “cock rock” to create a sound unlike anything before.  Frontman J Mascis was the original indie rock guitar hero, ripping through epic solos with calm and ease, completely bewildering and awe-inspiring to behold.  Lou Barlow left the band after Bug and Dinosaur Jr. adopted a more conventional sound, dropping the noise, but in turn gaining more airplay.  They disbanded for what seemed like good in 1997, but they reformed in 2005, with Lou Barlow back in the lineup.  They’ve since released three new albums, and Beyond and Farm are considered classic examples of comeback albums done right, talked about alongside their ’80s albums as being their best work.

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Only Beast: Album Review

To say you haven’t heard anything like Only Beast is an understatement.

Only Beast performed at Coog Radio’s 5th Birthday Bash. The best way to describe them: loud.

“A Nerve”, the opening track from Only Beast’s debut album, introduces the listener to a raucous mix of hard rock n’ roll and contemplative post-rock blues. Notice Danielle (the vocalist) modulating her voice quickly.

“Last straw” excels when showboating the wide range of sounds John’s drum kit is capable of making. Some of the guitar riffs also mesh into the track’s sound canvas well. (Some don’t). Only Beast produces disharmonious music, creatively.

Danielle’s voice adheres to key in “Omen”. Listeners who aren’t comfortable with Only Beast’s more experimental side may take a liking to “Omen”. It’s Only Beast’s cleaner, more straightforward traditional rock song on their debut album.

The album artwork. Gorgeous, ain’t it?

“Precipice” abruptly jumps from one familiar key progression to a key outside of the range of normal key transition possibilities composers choose from. If anything, these lyrics bite hardest and may be some of the finest on the album.

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Echosmith + The Mowgli’s + American Authors Shake Up Warehouse Live

IMG_3177Since early on in the evening, the line into Warehouse Live snaked around the corner of the venue as fans anxiously waited to pour into the popular downtown show spot. The Cool Kids creators, Echosmith, popular indie act, The Mowgli’s and Brooklyn based quartet, American Authors composed the colorful lineup last Saturday’s night.

Once inside, the location was filled with people of all ages and backgrounds from rowdy college kids, parents with their middle school daughters sporting just bought band merch and the usual pack of high school indie rock lovers hopping around in high waisted shorts and Vans. The atmosphere was relaxed, but teeming with excitement as danceable, familiar songs played in between sets and constantly recharged the already electrified crowd.

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Artist Spotlight: The Foo Fighters


After a three year hiatus The Foo Fighters are back! They have recently announced that they are working on their eight studio album which is scheduled to be released November, 10, 2014. However, this is not all The Foo Fighters have in store for their fans. In honor of their 20th anniversary, the band will be releasing a special eight episode series named Sonic Highway on HBO. The show will feature behind the scenes footage of the making of the album! The band travels to Chicago, Austin, Nashville, Los Angeles, Seattle, New Orleans, Washington DC and New York, recording an song for the album in each city in hopes of capturing the musical heritage these cities have to offer. Sonic Highway premiers on HBO October 17th at 10 pm don’t forget to tune in!

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FunFunFun Fest Artist: 2 Chainz

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

2 Chainz will be headlining this year’s FunFunFun Fest!  The Good Music rapper is responsible for the hits “Birthday Song”, “I’m Different”, and “Crack”, to name a few.  He is also responsible for the random “2 CHAIINNZZZZ” outbursts from my middle aged mother.  With that being said, this guy can walk in and definitely make anyone turn up, and he’s been mighty swell at doing so for a long time.

Chainz may have received mainstream success two years ago, but he has been famous for nearly half of his life.  Long before his solo success, 2 Chainz made up one half of the rap duo Playaz Circle.  Together, the duo released hits such as “Duffle Bag Boy”, and “Hold Up”.

Making hits is clearly nothing new to this artist, and 2 Chainz never seems to let his fans down.  His new mixtape, “FREEBASE” provides fans with every one of his famous 2Chainz idioms, and with his track record,  his FunFunFun Fest performance will be sure to rattle your chains.

Download 2 Chainz latest mixtape, “FREEBASE”, here.

Watch 2 Chainz turn up here:


FunFunFun Fest will be taking place in Austin, Texas on November 7-9, 2014. Tickets can be purchased at

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