Tiffany’s Top Six Favorite Movie Soundtracks


In no particular order, of course, these movie soundtracks include not only timeless classics but also modern treasures with some of the best works from the most talented musicians of our era.

Below are my top six favorites:

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Five Early 2000’s Mainstream Rock Bands You Forgot you Loved

Because why not? Oftentimes not appreciated nor considered glamorous/legendary by many, early 2000’s Rock hasn’t exactly received a great rep in music history. In the last decade of this time period, rock music had little to no presence on the charts. The 90’s simply left big shoes to fill and many people we’re convinced that once Kurt Cobain had died, so had the rock genre.

HOWEVER, many people still stayed tuned and realized that although mainstream rock may not have been world changing, it was still fun to jam to and lots of the bands we’re actually pretty good. Read more ›

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Years and Years Debut Album: “Communion”


If you haven’t heard “Communion,” the debut album by Years and Years … please remove yourself from under the rock you have been inhabiting and get on it!

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Artist Spotlight: Future

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Death Grips at Fitzgerald’s: Is This the Day I Die?

Death Grips made their way down to Houston for their tour supporting their latest album The Powers that B. If you hadn’t heard, the show sold out in just a couple of days. Death Grips went through a time last year where they didn’t show up to their scheduled gigs; they weren’t even in the city.. Read more ›

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Boots debuts title track “AQUΛRIA” from new album on WRTJ


Photo by: Tony Corella.

Jordan Asher, better known as his stage name Boots, has released details about his upcoming debut album following his latest EP, Motorcycle Jesus. 

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