Concert Review: YG’s My Krazy Life Tour

A couple of days ago, Coog Radio gave away free tickets to see YG in concert. Last night was the Houston stop of the My Krazy Life tour, which is named after his debut album. YG also brought some friends along to open up for him including Fat Pimp, Dorrough Music, and DJ Mustard.

photo 1

The show started with Fat Pimp, who is well known for his song “Rack Daddy”. The crowd at this point was scattered buying food and and drinks while they relaxed with friends. The front row was secured with day one YG fans, who were eager to see the headliner.

photo 2

Second act of the night hit the stage around 9:15, which was Dorrough Music. The Texas native rapper had the crowd moving and more engaged as he performed his mixtape songs with his entourage on stage. He ended his set with his most popular hit, “Ice Cream Paint Job” and the audience was here for it!

photo 3

After a while, the crowd became restless and went to get more drinks and food. That is, until DJ Mustard got on stage and changed the whole mood of the venue. Playing his own hits and as well as a few other popular songs, DJ Mustard started a party and everyone was hyped and dancing. The amount of hits the man has is unbelievable! How incredible is it that a DJ can provide a greater crowd response than most rappers these days.

photo 4

After the 45- minute DJ set, the curtains closed, and the set up began for YG’s portion of the show. At around 11: 10 PM, The curtains opened and YG graced the stage performing his album cuts. The audience knew every word of each song , cheering him own the rest of the night. YG seemed pleased with his dedicated fans in the crowd. The hour long set ended with the Drake-assisted single “Who Do You Love?” and “My Hittas”.

Check out some videos from the show:




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93.7 The Beat Announces H-Town Beatdown


The new Hip Hop and R&B station, 93.7 The Beat, has been creating a buzz in the city of Houston, since they launched earlier this year. They have now announced  the “H-Town Beatdown” which will take place at BBVA Compass Stadium on Friday, June 20th. Performers include Kendrick Lamer, J.Cole, Trey Songz, and Future. Houston’s own Slim Thug, Trae tha Truth, Paul Wall, and Z-Ro will also be performing at the concert.

Tickets go on sale to the general public at 10 AM on Friday but 93.7 The Beat will be having a presale Thursday morning through their website. Don’t miss you chance to see this star studded line up!

Tickets can be purchased at

I have seen all of these artists perform live before and highly suggest that everyone who enjoys Hip Hop and R&B to go to this show! I know I will be there!

Check out some videos of the artists performing live so you know what to expect!

Don't kill my vibe. #yeezustour

Kendrick Lamar at Toyota Center (Yeezus Tour)

Kendrick and Cole

J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar at House of Blues (Dollar and a Dream Tour)

J.Cole at House of Blues (Dollar and a Dream Tour)

J.Cole performing “Crooked Smile” at House of Blues (Dollar and a Dream)

Future at Toyota Center (Would You Like a Tour?)

Future at American Airlines Center (Would You Like a Tour?)



Who are you most excited to see?


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Alter Bridge Rocks Houston

Ten years ago the remnants of Creed joined forces with vocalist/guitarist Myles Kennedy to form Alter Bridge. Had the relationship between Scott Stapp and his bandmates been less volatile Creed could have evolved into what Alter Bridge is today. Regardless, the release of their fourth album “Fortress” has revived the hard rock style that initially attracted fans to their music.

Brian Marshall and Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge Live at the House of Blues Houston

Brian Marshall and Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge
Live at the House of Blues Houston

They came out in full force delivering “Addicted to Pain”, the first single off of “Fortress”. Immediately the crowd was riveted. Myles embraces his role as the frontman with big moves and an occasional wink to the crowd.

Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge Live at the House of Blues Houston

Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge
Live at the House of Blues Houston

 Flowing from one song to the next Mark Tremonti, the man who made PRS guitars popular, assumed his signature leg-up stance and let the solos fly.

Mark Tremonti of Alter Bridge Live at the House of Blues Houston

Mark Tremonti of Alter Bridge
Live at the House of Blues Houston

It is obvious that these guys have been performing together for 10 years because they know how to work the crowd. Crossing the stage and switching places, standing together and switching from lead to rhythm while Myles prompted fans to sing the lyrics.

Alter Bridge at the House of Blues Houston

Alter Bridge at the House of Blues Houston

I was, however, a bit disappointed in their performance. There seemed to be something missing and after some thought I realized two things were missing. Myles’ signature harmonization and a constant rhythm guitar. Myles would stop playing to sing and when he did the music felt less dynamic. Additionally, the absence of harmonization took away from the power of the vocals. Not to say that Myles wasn’t on point because he was, the entire band was.

Alter Bridge at the House of Blues Houston

Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge at the House of Blues Houston

Overall, Alter Bridge gave an enjoyable performance and the crowd loved it. Myles gave his thanks for our decade long support of their band and said, “I’m happy to see people out on a weeknight and that rock and roll is still alive.” It was one of the loudest concerts I have heard in quite some time. I left a bit early and I could still hear Myles’ voice three stories up and a block away. Thanks for the rock, gentlemen and next time throw us a bone by making a shirt for the poor folk, won’t you?

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Festival: South by So What?! Day 3

After Day 2 ending early, I was definitely worried about the show’s possible cancellation. Fortunately, it didn’t rain, but it was absolutely freezing. The temperature stayed in the low forties throughout the day, so everyone, including the bands, were moving as crazy as possible to keep warm.

Day 3 of South by So What? consisted of mostly progressive metal, hardcore, and pop-punk bands. Not only did they get bands with great importance in each of their respective genre, such as Between the Buried and Me, The Story So Far, and the Ghost Inside, but bands that were making debut festival performances, such as 68′ and Barrier.

When we arrived at QuikTrip park, we were greeted by none other than the post-rock band, Chon. Chon are an on-the-rise instrumental band that has been taking the scene by storm. They brought more mellow vibes than some of the other bands that were performing that day, so it was cool seeing everyone getting into their music. They recently released a 6 song EP called “Woohoo!”, and played a few songs off of that, including their one and only song with singing, “Ecco”.

A couple performances later, progressive metal band Reflections took the stage and drove the crowd wild. The crowd was slow to react, since Reflections were the first non-instrumental band to play on the main stage that day, so vocalist Jake Foster encouraged the crowd to jump and start opening up the mosh pit. Eventually, the crowd achieved full energy and was bouncing up and down to the breakdowns of the songs. The highlight of the show was when they played their hit song, “My Cancer”, off their recent release, “Exi(s)t”. Everyone was screaming the lyrics, and Foster dedicated the song to his friend, who had passed recently.

Immediately after Reflections’ performance, ’68 took over and rocked the stage. This was not only their second festival performance; it was their second performance ever. ’68 features Josh Scogin, who is well known in the hardcore scene as the vocalist of the recently retired band, The Chariot. The Chariot were known for their chaotic performances, so there was tons of hype once ’68 was announced for this year’s lineup. As expected, they put on a phenomenal show. It wasn’t even ten minutes into their set before Scogin kicked his microphone stand down while rocking out, causing some technical difficulties. Even though the band has a punk rock attitude, they convey an old school radio-rock sound, reminiscent to The White Stripes. They will be opening for post-hardcore legends Chiodos on April 29 at Warehouse Live, so be sure to check them out when they come in to town.

@alotlikebirds knows how to party!  #SBSW7 #southbysowhat #alotlikebirds

After taking a break to warm up a little and grab some food, we headed to the second stage, where post-hardcore band A Lot Like Birds were set to perform, in my opinion, the best live performance of the whole festival. A Lot Like Birds features singer Kurt Travis, who was in Dance Gavin Dance for a few years until their former clean vocalist retuned to the band. A couple years after leaving, Travis joined A Lot Like Birds and since then, released two full length albums. The band started the set off with the introduction tracks, “In Trances/No Nature”, which is off their recently released album, “No Place”. Immediately the band started getting into the music and jamming out, but this was only the beginning of the insanity to ensue. Later on in the set, Travis threw his mic offstage and leaped to catch it. While that was going on, their other vocalist, Cory Lockwood, grabbed his friend, who was watching the show from the side stage, and jumped on his back. His friend swung him around and they both eventually collapsed, knocking over one of the monitors. Guitarist Michael Franzino got in on the action also when he climbed the 15 foot stack of speakers on the side of the stage. What ceased to amaze me was that the band was able to maintain an almost flawless performance while instigating all this insanity. If you haven’t heard of this band, I highly suggest looking them up and going to their next show.

Shortly after, Chicago metalcore band Barrier took over the stage. Barrier are an on-the-rise band that has taken the DIY approach, releasing their music all on their own. The band has all of their music, which includes 2 EPs and 2 singles, for free on their Facebook and Bandcamp pages. This was their festival debut, so they were amazed to see such a large crowd witnessing their performance. The band kicked off their performance with “Backbone”, and as soon as they hit the first open-note, the pit opened up and the hardcore dancers began swinging their fists, with one almost slamming me in the face. Even though there was a huge pit, the people standing at the front just stood there, reacting numbly to the music, even though the band put on an amazing performance. It wasn’t until the last song “Behind Close Doors,” when people in the front started reacting to the music, when vocalist Colin Sharkey jumped onto the barricade and gave the microphone to various audience members that knew the lyrics. Even though the crowd had mixed reactions, the band put on a great performance and the band will pass through Houston sometime soon.

After Barrier played, Counterparts, the band I was anticipating to see the most, finally took the stage. I have been waiting for years the Canadian hardcore band, so it was a big treat getting to see them. The band started off their setlist with their lead single, “Witness”, off their latest album, “The Difference Between Hell and Home”. The crowd started chanting the lyrics back to band and the energy carried out throughout the set. The crowd’s energy especially spiked up once they started playing their older songs, such as “The Disconnect” and “I Am No One”, and pits started to form. The band played one last song, “Compass”, and then exited the stage. The Canadian hardcore band is currently on tour with Stick to Your Guns and will be playing Fitzgerald’s on April 8.

After watching a string of hardcore bands on the second stage, it was time to proceed to the main stage to see some of the progressive metal bands playing. First up was Animals as Leaders. They are one of the leading progressive metal bands in today’s scene, and they recently put out a new album called “The Joy of Motion.” I have seen them perform in the past, so I knew their inhuman musicianship skills would woo me yet again. The difference between this time and the last time I saw them was the crowd. When I previously saw them, the crowd was absorbed by the performance, which is great for the band, but is pretty lame if you want to have fun at a show. This crowd was ready to throw down. Pits started opening, people started crowd-surfing, and there was even people dancing to the music. The South by So What crowd proved to Animals as Leaders that we can hang, even in freezing temperatures.

The next band to follow Animals as Leaders was none other than Periphery. Periphery have not only been taking over the progressive metal scene, but the metal scene as a whole. They have opened for such acts as Dream Theater and Deftones. They opened up the set with their infamous trilogy, from their second album, which features the songs “Muramasa,” “Ragnarok,”and “Masamune.” They continued the set with their other hit songs, such as “Scarlett,” and managed to even throw in one of their Old introduction songs, “New Groove.” Overall it was a great performance, and proved why they are one of top bands in metal today.

Photo Credit: Jae Grey

The last hardcore band we caught was The Ghost Inside, one of the biggest hardcore bands in today’s scene. They have been touring extensively with The Devil Wears Prada and had to make a stop at South by So What. The band started things off by opening with their hit single “Engine 45.” Once they started playing, the hardcore dancers opened up the pit and started busting out their moves. There were also several small pits that formed throughout the crowd on top of the giant one that was being occupied. If people were not moshing, they were bouncing up and down and screaming the lyrics. They were the best band to pump up the crowd before the headliners started playing.

Photo Credit: Alternative Press

The last band we caught, and one of the main headliners, was The Story So Far, a pop-punk band that has been taking the scene by storm. What separates them from so many other pop-punk bands is they have tons of credit through the hardcore scene, since they’ve supported bands such as Stick to Your Guns and Rotting Out, that are relevant in the hardcore scene. They were the band that stood out the most, since they were the only pop-punk band we saw all day. Since they brought more upbeat vibes, there was a lot more jumping and crowd-surfing present. Of, course there was moshing, except in the form of circle pits, where people run around in a giant circle for the duration of the song, or until you’re completely out of breath. This was the best way to end not only the day, but our South by So What experience.

Overall, the festival was an awesome experience. Not only did I get to see most of my favorite bands in the span of two days, but I also discovered several new bands and got to hang out with them too. Even though Saturday got rained out, Sunday made up for it. If you are into metal and punk, you should make the drive and check the festival out next year, you won’t regret it.

If you like the bands I covered, check out my show, “Kill the Music”, Mondays from 9-11 PM on Coog Radio!


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Ticket Giveaway for Buds and Suds Tour featuring Devin the Dude



The Buds and Suds Tour will be making a stop in Houston, Texas this Friday, April 18th at Warehouse Live. Performers include Raj the Rapper, Blaze 1, J. Hornay, Cool Nutz, Pot Luck and Devin the Dude, who will be headlining the tour.

Coog Radio has your way into the show! Keep a look out on our Twitter and Facebook for a chance to win tickets to the Buds and Suds Tour!

If you can’t wait until then, you can purchase tickets for the show at

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Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Tour is coming to Houston (again)


The third leg of the 20/20 Experience tour was announced this morning and Justin Timberlake is coming back to Houston! JT will grace the stage performing his old and new hits on Monday, December 1st at the Toyota Center. Tickets will range from $50-$175, but do not let the price fool you! Every seat in the house is a great seat for this show. I had the pleasure of attending Timberlake’s show this past December and trust me, you do not want to miss it!

Fan Club Presale starts tomorrow morning at 10 AM and tickets go on sale to the general public on Monday, April 14th.

For more information, visit:

If you still need some convincing, check out my Instagram videos from his last show:

Pusher Love #jt2020tour #justintimberlake

Until the end of time. #jt2020tour #justintimberlake

Cry me a river #jt2020tour #justintimberlake

#jt2020tour #justintimberlake

Heartbreak Hotel #jt2020tour #justintimberlake

Take back the night #jt2020tour #justintimberlake

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The Black Keys Release New Single, “Fever”

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Festival: South by So What?! Day 2

If you saw this blog post and thought I made a typo, you are surely mistaken. South by So What is a 3-day music festival in Grand Prairie where all the metal, punk, and hardcore bands flock to after South by South West. The festival takes place at QuikTrip Park, a baseball park which is home to the Grand Prairie AirHogs. This year in particular had a line-up full of not only up and coming bands, but several legendary bands within the scene. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go the first day, so I packed my things and rushed to Grand Prairie on Saturday morning to catch the bands that were going to play during day 2 and 3.

When I first arrived, I was amazed by how they were able to fit 3 different stages onto one baseball field. They also managed to cram all the merch tents throughout the stands across the field. Most of the bands would chill their merch tents or have specified signings, so you had a chance to interact with the band on a personal level.

I got there at around 2pm, and the bands I wanted to see weren’t going to start performing til 4pm, so I walked around and checked out some of the other bands that were playing. One band that caught my full attention was Megosh. Megosh is a rock band from Baltimore and had been touring with rock legends Alesana.  As soon as they got on stage, both guitarists and their bassist started singing into the microphones and then their lead guitarist stopped singing to run around the stage and swing his guitar around like a mad man. Their sound was probably one that stood out the most during the day, sounding like a punk-influenced Coheed and Cambria. If you haven’t heard of them, I highly suggest checking them out.

The first band I was anticipating to see was Like Moths to Flames, a metal band from Columbus, Ohio, which is known for their skull-crushing, heavy riffs, and beats. The moment they started playing their introduction song “You’ll Burn,” a giant hole formed within the crowd, and all the hardcore dancers started busting out their moves, while everyone else was jumping to the beat of the song. The crowd kept the energy high, especially during their hit song “You Won’t Be Missed.”

Immediately after, was none other than Letlive. I have see them several times before and they never fail to amaze me. This was the first time I have seen them at a big festival, so I was interested to see what antics the band would get into. The band started the set with “Banshee (Ghost Fame)” and vocalist, Jason Aalon Butler, jumped into the crowd giving the mic to people crowd surfing to him. When their second song kicked in, “The Sick, Sick 6.8 Billion,” Jason climbed up the side of the stage, while continuing to sing the lyrics of the song. Afterwards, Letlive continued their usual antics, which involves playing the other instruments sitting out that don’t belong to them, swing their guitars around, and doing an assortment of acrobats on the stage.


After the performance, my friend and I took a break and went to the on-site bar to grab some drinks. The bar was absolutely packed with people that were grab something to eat, getting a drink, or taking cover from the rain that was pouring outside. Bands would even pop in to grab something and talk to some of the fans.


After a much needed break, we returned to the main stage to see none other than Born of Osiris. Born of Osiris is a metal band from Chicago, Illinois that has been taking over the metal scene for the past few years. They combine technical, polyrhythmic riffs and beats with electronics, and together it’s a formula for absolute insanity. As soon as the band stepped out onstage, pits were formed and everyone was off their feet. The crowd went absolutely insane for them, forming circle pits and even wall of deaths without the band saying anything. This was by far one of the best crowds I have seen at a show in a very long time, and every time I see Born of Osiris, they never disappoint.

After waiting in god-awful rain for 3 hours for the next band to play, the rest of the show was cancelled. It was unfortunate because several people came out to see some of the big headliners such as Of Mice and Men and Bring Me the Horizon. I was fortunate to catch the main bands I wanted to see, even though I was worried about the next day being cancelled, which fortunately wasn’t.

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Sleigh Bells to Perform in Houston



Photo Credit: NY Times

On April 6, Sleigh Bells will be performing at Warehouse Live. The strident and melodious guitar driven noise-pop duo are touring to promote their 2013 album “Bitter Rivals.”

After the success of their 2010 album “Treats,” which has been featured in an array of television shows and movies, the popularity of the group has swelled. They create a breed of music that is loud, but never cacophonous; hook-driven, but never bland. “Bitter Rivals” led the group farther from their grunge influences and deeper into the categorization of pop tinged with R&B.

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SXSW 2014 Recap: The Illmore

At South by South West, the whole day is filled with day parties and panels with night time hosting the showcases. By 2 AM, showcases are finished up and attendees go home to rest up for the next day. While many go to re-up, others head over to after parties after a long day of work and attending events. The Illmore is the after party that artists head to after their shows, whether to perform, have fun with the attendees, or to just relax in the VIP section. Illroots and ScoreMore Shows teamed up to create the Illmore, which takes place for four nights at SXSW starting at midnight and ending at 5:30 in the morning. Although there is a set line-up announced for each day, there are several surprise guests who join in. The first two nights had Big Sean, Travis Scott, Casey Veggies, Steve Aoki, Dom Kennedy and Future. The last two nights were almost legendary.

Not everyone can get into the mansion party, but there is a chance to be able to snag a wristband for at least one day. In order to receive access for wristband pick up location, potential attendees must RSVP online. When the RSVP link live, the website crashed because over 10,000 people were attempting to sign up.

The first two days of wristband pick up were at the American Legion House. Assuming that the third day location would be the same, there was a line at there before the daily notification went out. By 8 PM, no email was sent and there was a mob hoping to get into the Illmore that night.

photo 2 (14)

When officials heard about the chaos, they changed the location of the wrist band pick up, but kept it a secret. People left the line and headed over to numerous locations downtown and all over Austin to find wristbands. At 10:30 PM, a line began to form at Millennium, which is a youth entertainment complex and the location of the Illmore. By 11:00 there were tables set up for wristband distribution, but you have to be on the list and 21 and over to get in. The anxiety of gaining access mixed with the cold weather, those in the crowd became restless. At 12 AM sharp, we received wristbands and finally made it into the after party of SXSW.

photo 3 (14)


Once I walked in, I did not know what to do next. There was a bowling alley, arcade, lounge area, open bar, and the stage. I went straight to the stage to secure my spot before the rest of the crowd came in. A few of my friends decided to enjoy free bowling and unexpectedly were in the lane right next to Mac Miller and Schoolboy Q, who were having a blast. Respectfully, the attendees of Illmore did not bombard them with pictures an autographs.

We took pictures at the Beats by Dre photo booth, which was by the stage, to document our memories!

photo (43)

At 1 AM, the first act arrived on stage, Collie Buddz, who is a reggae rapper from New Orleans, Louisiana. Afterwards, Houston’s own, Riff Raff took the stage to perform some of his songs. Riff Raff then brought out Far East Movement to perform with him! The surprise guests had the audience pumped and crowd surfed.

photo 3 (8)

photo 3 (15)


Houston rapper, Trae tha Truth, came on stage to perform his hit “Getting Paid” and proceeded to bring out the Houston legend, Bun B. Performing “International Players Anthem” and “Big Pimpin”, Bun B had the audience singing word for word to his entire performance.

photo 2 (16)

photo 2 (17)

Producer Mike Will Made It showed up as well!

photo 3 (17)


After that, one of the headliners of the show, the A$AP Mob came to party with us!


photo 5 (11)

Surprise performer, YG, came out and brought out Schoolboy Q to perform their collaboration, “I Just Wanna Party”.

Skrillex then came on to DJ for us and then Wiz Khalifa and Taylor Gang closed out the third night of the Illmore!

photo (45)

Photo by Anusha Hasan

Due to the chaos for wristbands the previous day, these signs were put up all over the place.


Photo by Anusha Hasan

The fourth and final day of The Illmore had headliners listed as “YMCMB”. It was known that Lil Wayne was in town, but the chances of him showing up were 50/50. Deciding to try our luck, we headed to Millennium again at 11 PM and the set up was the same as last night. We got into the venue a little after midnight and went straight to the stage. There was a mob of people outside the venue all night hoping to see Lil Wayne, but capacity had been reached. The DJ was playing songs for a longer period of time and I was tired from the night before, so I found a place by the side of the stage and sat down with a few of my friends at 3 AM. Vic Mensa took the stage to perform, while we sat anxiously waiting for the final act. Suddenly, my friends screamed “Lil Wayne is here!” I turned around and saw him walking in from side stage to back stage, so I ran back into the crowd. At this point, everyone was tired, sweating, and clustered together.

Young Jeezy and DJ Drama made an unexpected appearance and hyped up the tired crowd.

photo 5

Photo by Anusha Hasan

Finally, members of YMCMB graced the stage at 4:30 AM! Shanell, Chanel West Coast, Mack Maine, Gudda Gudda, Cortez Bryant, and Lil Twist performed a couple songs each.

photo 4

Photo by Anusha Hasan

During Shanell’s performance, Lil Wayne hopped on stage and danced around until the song was finished, but the crowd had already spotted him and went crazy. He came to greet us and brought out Young Thug to perform “I’m a Stoner” and “Danny Glover”. He then performed his own songs such as “No Worries” while Birdman came to join him. While performing “Rich”, Wayne looked at the side of the stage hoping for 2 Chainz to show up, but he decided not to join Wayne and remained backstage. That did not impact Weezy’s mood though! When the DJ played”Tap Out”, Lil Wayne said “I don’t know this! I don’t know this!” The audience knew every word and the DJ let it play anyway.

photo 3

Photo by Anusha Hasan

photo 2

Photo by Anusha Hasan

photo 1

Photo by Anusha Hasan

The show ended with all of YMCMB leaving the stage and thanking us for coming out.  We all then headed to get water and left The Illmore to go back to reality.

Check out posts sharing my experience at SXSW 2014!

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