Artists Spotlight: Aquilo


Not much can be found when searching more information about this band of two, which is both a good and a bad thing. Good because lucky you, it’s the perfect time to listen to the new artists so when they finally blow up (and they will very soon, trust me) you can claim to have known about them first. Bad because well, you don’t know anything about them really. Read more ›

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Kid Cudi Says Goodbye To “Man On The Moon,” & Hello To His New Sound


Kid Cudi rose to fame with the music from his first two Man On The Moon projects. Once fans recently discovered his plans to release “Man On The Moon 3,” they got excited thinking he was going back to his original sound. This was not the case, however, so Kid Cudi went to twitter to discuss how “Man On The Moon 3″ is only a title and that the sound on this project will be completely different from the sounds on all his other releases.

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Concert Review: Tori Kelly Returns To Houston


Tori Kelly is no stranger to Houston … and with a line of fans wrapped around the building and down the street, saying she was missed is an understatement.

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Fun Fun Fun Fest Artist Spotlight: Benjamin Booker

Benjamin Booker can easily be described as soulful and punk, but do not categorize him with the blues.

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Yeezer: The Unexpected Collaboration Between Kanye West and Weezer


I know what you’re all thinking. Kanye West collaborated with another artist who’s not himself!?

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Concert Review: Bun B at Fitzgerald’s


Fitzgerald’s, the iconic Houston venue, reopened this Saturday with an iconic Houston performer; Bun B. I arrived at 8 p.m., much earlier than any normal concert goer, so my friend and I took to counting the amount of Houston gear people were sporting as a way to pass the time. At the beginning of the night, I bet we would see 20 articles and my friend bet 15. We doubled our guesses halfway through the night. Houston really showed out.

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