Concert Review: Under The Influnce of Music Tour


Photo by Sunita Dharani

Despite the hot weather, the fans of this star studded event arrived by the masses, equipped in an array of snapbacks, crop tops and an infectious eagerness to enjoy a night full of good performances, good vibes and most importantly good music.


Photo by Sunita Dharani

After his set, we caught up with Mack Wilds, also known as Tristian Wilds, and spoke to him about touring, new music, and upcoming collaborations.


Photo by Sunita Dharani

We also ran into Houston’s own Trae tha Truth, who came to support!


Photo by Sunita Dharani

Sage the Gemini was spotted relaxing backstage after his set with IAMSU!


Photo by Sunita Dharani


Photo by Sunita Dharani


Photo by Sunita Dharani

Both on the lawn and in the seats, the audience was lively and completely absorbed by every song that was performed. In this concert, there was a little bit of rap for everyone as Mack Wilds, Ty Dolla Sign, Rich Homie Quan and Young Jeezy took to stage and provided a wide array of new hip-hop jams as well as a few crowd favorites. In between each set, DJ’s dropped music and kept the crowd entertained, the atmosphere which included mega watt lights of all sorts and kinds, as well as a few fog machines, only added to the sparkling, laid back yet lively ambience that encircled the Woodlands Pavilion. There was dancing, and singing as devout fans sang along word for word to even the fastest paced rap song of the evening. Homage to Houston was paid in between just about every few sets, as the rappers lifted up H signs which were reflected across the audience. Apart from being talkative and interactive, all rappers emphasized the importance of having a good time and enjoying the evening, which they made sure, was enforced by their danceable, relatable, and wonderfully creative music.


Photo by Sunita Dharani


Photo by Sunita Dharani

Jeezy’s eight o’clock performance was nothing short of energetic and empowering. At one point, the rapper prompted the audience to shine their phone lights displaying what came out to be a beautifully lit aerial sight of hundreds of shining screens and lighters. Performing some crowd favorites, he definitely prepped the audience for Wiz’s highly anticipated show.

photo (2)

Photo by Sunita Dharani

Kirko Bangz joined the audience in the pit to enjoy Jeezy and Wiz’s set after Ty Dolla $ign brought him out to perform. He also took the time out to take pictures with fans.


a Photo by Sunita Dharani

Wiz’s arrival onstage gave the audience something to scream about. The rapper’s mellow and relaxed attitude was the perfect ending to a night of fantastic music. The mood was incredible, and the audience was a direct reflection of that. The Under the Influence tour was indeed a success and provided everything it promised as music and lovers of music became one in a night of stress free, enjoyable union.

If you want more, check out our video recap of the show:



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Charli XCX to Perform at Fitzgeralds


In support of her first American headlining tour, Charli XCX will be performing at the legendary Houstonian venue, Fitzgeralds on October 16 with opener bands, Elliphant and Femme.

Launching her first American tour this September 26 in Orlando Florida, singer and performer, Charli XCX went from MySpace to co writing some of the most successful songs in recent years. The English born, pop punk princess co wrote and performed alongside Iggy Azalea, Alex Metric and Icona Pop in the production of well recognized seasonal anthems like I Love It and Fancy.
Slathered in 90’s gruff glam, the twenty one year old has produced two studio albums and has released over ten singles, including Boom Clap, which was featured on the much anticipated summer movie, The Fault in Our Stars. The dark haired, post Madonna starlet has been crowned the queen of Neon Goth and infectious synth pop. Her glitzy and edgy style can be seen in music videos like SuperLove and Nuclear Seasons, which feature an array of crop tops, colorful, spunky backdrops and platforms galore.

Her second commercial album is set to be released by the end of this year and features collaborations with Vampire Weekend, Weezer, and John Hill, amongst others.

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Concert Review: Dirty South Festival

This summer brought the first ever Dirty South Festival, which featured some of  of the best southern metal bands as well as some awesome bands that are on the rise.  IMG_1361 IMG_1357 IMG_1367

The night kicked off with Houston locals Strength In Shadows. They put on a great show and pumped up the crowd for the upcoming bands. Throughout the set they had a group of people bust out their air guitar skills during the band’s crazy guitar solos.   IMG_1416 IMG_1422   IMG_1464 IMG_1526 IMG_1540 IMG_1617 IMG_1675 IMG_1653 IMG_1632

Next was Idaho’s own the Ongoing Concept. They stole the show, with the whole band going completely insane, and vocalist, Kyle Scholz, spending a good part of his time jumping in the pit and getting in everyone’s face. The highlight of the show was when they played their hit, “Cover Girl”, and everyone started singing along with the lyrics. Other highlights included Kyle picking up one of the toms and playing along with one of the songs, guitarist Dawson Scholz putting down his guitar and taking full vocal duties, and bassist TJ Nichols crowd surfing to the other side of the venue.      IMG_1837 IMG_1778 IMG_1803 IMG_1819 IMG_1763 IMG_1752  IMG_1713

War of Ages played next and the crowd went absolutely crazy for them. This was my first time seeing them and they definitely caught my eye. The band had such high energy and kept the crowd going until the end of the set. IMG_2089 IMG_2100  ] IMG_2159

The next band I caught was Maylene and the Sons of Disaster. These veterans have been around the metal long time, getting praise from several different people, including Demi Lovato (proof), and are still alive and kicking. They put on a great show, and even managed to pull off a cover of the Rolling Stone’s infamous hit, “Gimme Shelter”. IMG_2210  IMG_2224  IMG_2229 IMG_2250 IMG_2256 IMG_2266 IMG_2269 IMG_2270

He Is Legend was the next headliner. These past few years have been big for them, coming out indefinite hiatus, finding a new drummer, and working on their upcoming release, “Heavy Fruit” (pre-orders here). They put on an awesome set, playing a combination of some songs off the new album, as well as some of their classic songs, like “The Seduction”, which the band closed out with. IMG_2342   IMG_2382 IMG_2397 IMG_2407

The final band was none other than Texas’s own Oh Sleeper. It was great seeing them live, especially with the crazy twist of their former guitarist James Erwin filling in for their current guitarist Shane Blay, who is currently working with former As I Lay Dying members on a new project called Wovenwar. They kicked of their set with “The Song of the Morning”, which instantly had people climbing on top of each other trying to grab the microphone during that infamous chorus. The band enjoyed themselves, even stating that Houston has always been one of their favorite cities to play.

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Filter Rocks Houston: The Alternative Band Makes A Striking Comeback

photo 3



Amidst high-end apartment complexes, a newly equipped soccer stadium lined with hip and trendy pubs and concert venues, you encounter what is widely known as EaDo Party Park. People of all ages and backgrounds swarm the vicinity of Warehouse Live, Lucky’s Pub and the colorful array of food trucks lining up the street for an evening full of eclectic musical acts and hilarious comedy. Houston’s inaugural Whatever Fest, proved to be a lively, vibrant and eventful success that garnered a city wide following and has brought to Houston yet another breeding ground for artistic creativity and decadence. Prime amongst these exciting musical acts that composed the festival, has been the legendary alternative rock band, Filter, which played a fantastic flurry of aggressive and inviting rock tunes this past Sunday night. Decked out in black clothing with spikes, piercings and mass amounts of hair gel; the members of Filter charmed the city of Houston with their highly interactive energy and the thrilling instrumental frenzy, which radiated from the Budweiser stage they very amazingly performed in.


photo 4            photo 5



The crowd was indeed a colorful one, adorned with devoted fans from middle aged men and women to a ten year old kid, named Tyson who stole the show by catching lead singer Patrick’s attention, the diversity in the people, the music and the environment never failed to be present. Although it was a hot, humid and sticky night and the open space between bodies was just about nonexistent, the ambience was invigorating and the fans were bursting with energy. Filter, whose lineup for the night consisted of lead singer Richard Patrick, guitarist Jonathan Radtke, bassist Tim Kelleher and drummer Hayden Scott, who were, like their fans, ready for a good time, relaxed, comfortable and eager to provide a quality performance. The band began by playing a few favorites, amongst them, their hit single, “Take A Picture” which somehow managed to lull the crazed crowd into a mellow syncope of musical tranquility (something, however, that lasted only a few minutes) before lead singer Patrick, snapped the crowd back into their normal chaotic state of jamming. From flinging a water bottle into the crowd, calling out concert goers in a friendly playful manner and most effectively, by the pouring his heavy, rhythmic and guttural voice into the microphone, he managed to sweep the audience back into a torrent of unruly craziness which included minor mosh pitting, lively dancing and major head bobbing.The band’s performance in itself amazed me. Bassist Tim Kelleher, in particular seemed to be completely absorbed into his instrument, he flipped his drenched hair to just about every note he played, as well as ran his hand across the neck of his guitar quicker than the eye could see. Radtke’s guitar prowess astonished the crowd as they relished in the intricate, lush and electrifying sounds that the guitarist’s fingers produced. Hayden Scott wasn’t far behind either as he contributed his fair share of crazed drum banging, and last but certainly not least, Richard’s iconically lawless onstage performance was the cherry on top to a well put together show.


photo 2


The band went on to introduce some new material, including a heartfelt and touching song, titled “Surprise” dedicated to women and all they do for the world. However this time, the softer melodies failed to appease the rowdy crowd. As the band continued on to play their newest single “The Hand That’s Dealt”, a rhythmically aggressive number, the audience reveled in what sounded to be totally new, highly synthesized and electronic instrumentation. Complimented with smoldering guitars, Filter’s infamous drum machines and Patrick’s hypnotic voice, the new material immediately captivated listeners and is nothing short of promising. “Stop with the banjos” Patrick declared to the crowd, “we’re in the modern age”, and from the sounds of this electrified, computerized yet pleasant and original form of rock music-it’s evident we very much are. The night lingered on with a very consistent and joyful mood, as well as with all kinds of undomesticated musical experimentation, which invoked just about every old and new Filter fan in the crowd. Patrick’s classic roar, the lush guitar solos and the thundering dynamism that infected the band members completed what was a very delightfully intense set, definitely unforgettable, as well as an open testament to the longevity and relevance of this ever emerging, outlandish and ingenious band.

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Iconic 90’s band, Filter to Perform at Houston’s Whatever Fest


Situated in one of Houston’s new and thriving urban hot spots (dubbed EaDo Park, by local city dwellers), word of the first annual Whatever Fest has been circulating all across the city through social media and fliers composed of flabbergasting art. Inspired by Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Fest, and the recent success of the local Houston comedy scene, Justin Price, a longtime Warehouse Live talent buyer, tells media sources his plans to showcase an eclectic mix of musical and comedic and talent in a half outdoor/ half indoor extravaganza. Performances in Warehouse Live (both stages) as well as Lucky’s Pub’s outdoor patio will feature acts such as, Passion Pit, Blonde Redhead, Kreayshawn, TJ Miller, Sam Demaris, Kumail Nainjiani, The Dwares and longtime favorites, Filter.

Filter, an industrial rock act, prominent during the late 90’s, early 2000’s rock scene will be gracing the stage with their good ear thumping rock melodies. Formed by Richard Patrick and Brian Liesegang after leaving Nine Inch Nails, the musical masterminds have released alongside their evolving band over six studio albums as well as created a fourteen track album featuring the band’s most addicting hits, including songs like, Hey Man Nice Shot, Take a Picture, Where Do We Go From Here and Hey Bro. The band will be the last musical act of the night, and will be performing on Sunday August tenth (the last day of the festival). Highlighting their newest track The Hand That’s Dealt, Filter, as always promises a performance full of high raw energy and musical nostalgia for an era in rock history still resonating in our hearts today.


For more ticket information check out the link below!

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August Alsina Ticket Giveaway!

testimony_tour poster


August Alsina’s Testimony Tour is making a stop in Houston at Warehouse Live on Friday, August 29th. He will be accompanied by Teyana Taylor, who is creating a buzz by being G.O.O.D Music’s First Lady. Get the first weekend of the semester started right by going to the show for FREE. Coog Radio has your way in to win!

Be sure to listen to The V Spot on Monday, August 25th from 7-9 PM and we will announce exactly what you need to do to win tickets!

If you can’t wait until then, you can buy tickets at Hurry, because they will sell out!

Until then, check out August Alsina’s video for “Numb” featuring Yo Gotti and B.o.B:



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This Pretty Little Liar Can Blow











You may know her from the hit series “Pretty Little Liars”,  but I bet you didn’t know she could sing.  With the release of her debut album,  “Road Between”, Lucy Hale is finally living out her country music dreams.  Her daily life now consists of live shows and screaming fans.  And if you heard her voice, you would scream your own away.

Singing is far from something new to the young actress turned country starlet.  Hale has been vocalizing and harmonizing to her favorite Disney tunes since she was a little girl!  In the days where cassette players where all the rage, little Lucy would sit in her room singing, “A Whole New World” on repeat.  Now, endless singing from years ago is finally paying off.

Summer is definitely deeming itself successful for the Pretty Little Liars actress.  Road Between is topping the Billboard charts, and if that isn’t enough dosage of Hale, she is headlining in the September issue for Cosmopolitan Magazine, her new clothing line with Hollister is AMAZEBALLS, and my friends, mom, brother and the stray cat near my window can’t get enough of Pretty Little Liars.  Like seriously Luce, can you be any more talented?


Check out her latest music video, “Lie a Little Better”:









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Slipknot releases new single “The Negative Ones”

It’s official, Slipknot is back and ready to take the world by storm. They released the first single off their upcoming album, which is due sometime in the near future. This is the follow up to their 2009 record “All Hope Is Gone”, and is the first album since bassist Paul Gray’s passing. This is also the very first album that will not feature Joey Jordison since his departure earlier this year. Judging by the single, they are going back to their roots and bringing back the sound they had in the early 2000s. This is going to be a big album for the band and will show if they can bring back the Slipknot we know and love.



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Coog Radio Interviews: Driver Friendly Graces Houston + The Release of New Album, Unimagined Bridges


Eastdown Warehouse, 850 McKee Street

In the dimly lit ex furniture delivery space which is laid out on a bleak inner city strip, tons of kids and young adults in tank tops, sleeve tattoos and beards, teem around the main floor and outdoor patio as the venue opens up for a night full of music. Eastdown Warehouse is one of the few places in Houston that still caters to small bands as well as up and coming acts from all over the state. I waited through a few death metal shows to interview the guys from Austin based band, Driver friendly, and finally, sporting an array of casual summer looks; I spotted a few members of the band parking their van. Jeremi Mattern was the first familiar face I recognized. Clad in a striped tee, and towering above most around him, I approached the drummer and after being introduced to the band members, so began the interview.

Originally from Houston, Driver Friendly formed in 2002 while the boys were still attending High School in the North Houston suburb called the Woodlands. Influenced by bands like Third Eye Blind, Taking Back Sunday, RX Bandits and Less Than Jake, the band took their affinity for music and relocated to Austin where the music scene gave the band a much needed reality check into the world of music producing and performing. After many Monday night concerts, playing small bars, selling tickets in advance and facing the responsibility that came along with living alone for the first time (as many of the band members attended college,) the boys slowly but surely began to learn the hardships of time management and most importantly, carrying on a band. The young group made a lot of time to practice at a space called Music Lab, where they would pay a monthly fee to have unlimited access for rehearsals.

They would soon see that their hard work would pay off.

During the interview, the affable quintet made quite the impression. All extremely charming, witty and good humored, they admitted to loving pop music. “We all love pop music, we love Rihanna, Katy Perry, Arianna Grande, Beyoncé…” Then went on laughingly, to tell an anecdote about a road trip debate regarding pop singer supremacy. Their laughing is indeed contagious and their jesting banter never seems to stop. The band, however, hasn’t always been this smiley. In 2008 within a few years of forming, Driver Friendly went on to a kind of hiatus due to a variety of issues, amongst them, failing to materialize a label deal as well as branching out in separate directions as preoccupations like jobs and school and began to take over band time.

“It all started at a SXSW party, a friend of ours asked us why we weren’t playing anymore and I said ‘well we’re all doing different things’ and she was like ‘why? You guys still have so much more that you can do as musicians, and writing’ and so we were all like ‘yea, I guess we do, we were just kind of doing our own thing now’ but still we said ‘why don’t we just give it a shot”? Trumpeter, Juan Lopez explained. “And honestly, it wasn’t like an instant of like “ok we’re going full time with the band’, we just kept setting little goals like ‘let’s see if we can write one song’, and then we wrote one song, and then it was like ‘okay let’s see if we can write an album’ and then it was like ‘okay let’s see if we can raise enough money on Kickstarter to fund the album, ok now, can we actually record, ok now we actually recorded it, and then it kind of snowballed and then next thing you know we were able to get a record label and a booking agent and you know it’s really expanded over the last two years” Mattern added. And expand they did, after only a few years and a cabin retreat later they came up with 2012’s Bury a Dream, a crowd funded work of art that yielded major results for the band. By the end of that year, the band singed with major independent label, Hopeless Records and in 2013, produced their first release in the studio on their EP, Peaks + Valleys. “I read the email first and-“ Tyler began. “I think it was like Ahhhhh” vocalist and guitarist, Andy Lane adds.

“Initial it was like, we’ve gotten emails, no big deal, but when he asked for a phone call it was like a very excited nervousness because you want it to happen so badly but you don’t want to believe in it, until it actually happens” Matterns tells. The transition to Hopeless Records was not only a major move for the band, but also a foot in the door of endless possibilities.

The Comeback

Suddenly the band that everyone was asking for came back better than ever. Full of infectious energy, electrified harmonies and prominent percussions, Driver Friendly began touring the US and pretty soon began appearing in widely recognized arenas like FPSF and Warped Tour. In response to describing festival shows the answers from the band members, varied from “fun, “hot”, “hell” and “efficient”. Festivals, however seem to be something that the band, nonetheless loves and holds dearly to heart. “Free Press was probably one of our best shows of all time” Matterns discloses. “Over the twelve yeas of being a band, it was so neat coming home to Houston and seeing faces that we’ve seen coming to our shows for like years and years and these relationships we’ve built with our fans, and having this huge audience and seeing all sorts of new eyes out there too-

“one of the biggest crowds, we’ve ever played too” Welsh inputs.

“Warped tour is awesome because it’s like ultra summer camp because it’s like 60-70 bands every day and you’re just meeting all these bands and shaking their hands and-“

“really good food” Lane adds. They all nod in accordance.

Touring, although exhausting to many bands seems like it reinvigorates the members of Driver Friendly who very much admire and appreciate their fans. Very humble and down to earth, the members never fail to mention their dedication and devotion to the people that support them the most. When asked about the conditions and descriptions of touring, once again I received a plethora of answers ranging from, “sweaty”, “charge your phone” and “trying to take a shower everyday.” And from just taking a look at their white van, along with the other identical ones parked on the Warehouse lot, their answers make perfect sense. “Its like summer camp basically” Welsh finalizes, “you’re just out with all your friends, going to places you’ve never been and exploring stuff”. “Texas has been fun, LA, Salt Lake City, Chicago,” they continue, listing out their favorite places to play. “Roswell, New Mexico was the worst” Welsh and the band agree, “and you can print that” Matterns jokes. Then they go off on a tangent, explaining why Roswell is one of the saddest cities in America. Once again, they don’t fail at putting a smile on my face and bringing to my attention their wit, humor and good-natured personalities.


The Art Behind it: Songwriting and Producing

“It’s half and half, the lyrics are written and then the lyrics are brought to the table where everyone is writing music together, it’s an organic process” vocalist Tyler Welsh described after being interrupted by an obnoxious motorbike driver. “They’ve always got to go like ‘vroom’, always” he sighs. After a while, I begin to ask the band questions about music producing and the importance they place on the lyrical and musical part of composing a song. “Yea sometimes we’ll have a melody” Juan begins after the bike zooms off, “and then we’ll put lyrics to a melody, so it’s really what’s working best at that moment, there’s no formula per say”. This is clear in many of their songs, which simply seem to flow in a very pleasant and catchy manner.

Driver Friendly, however, isn’t the kind of band that forsakes the visual details to focus on sounds. The group admits to contributing a lot of effort to producing quality music videos for their audiences. “These days, kids discover music on YouTube more than anything. That’s how we get discovered more than anything (besides playing shows) so it’s just become very important” Mattern explains. Jeremi is the one attributed to making the majority of the band’s music videos. “Some of them are just kind of a fun, artistic, telling a story-trying to entertain people that are listening to a song (in reference to Stand So Tall) but then we take a song from like our Ghost music video and that kind of is like an extension of our live show and trying to really show what the band is like in a life scenario” he elucidates.

“Kids ask us all the time, ‘what should I do I’m a new band’ and we’re always saying ‘buy a go pro, whatever you can’, and seriously come up with the most creative idea you can to put a visual to your music. Because you may have a great song but once you see someone do something with their song it kind of clicks”, Welsh advises. “We were signed and found through YouTube, so us and the Beibs…” Mattern begins; “we’re the same kind of person,” Welsh concludes smilingly. Selena Gomez, Orlando Bloom’s almost-punch, amongst other jokes break out for a few moments as the group showcases more of their likeable, laid back characters that never seem to take a break from having a good time.

Unimagined Bridges: The New Album With New Beginnings 

Driver Friendly’s new album Unimagined Bridges is their first fully composed album on Hopeless and with just one listen, the quality, the hard work and the maturity of the ever evolving band all seem to resonate within the eleven tracks that constitute this project.

“It comes from a poem by Rainer Maria Wilke, he was a German poet in the early 1900’s” Welsh explains “And he has a poem that talks about the unimagined bridge and what that is and what it should be for people and it’s kind of inspired me to take direction with the lyrics from the EP before it and continue that through this record”. Bridges, the final track on the album is one of the band’s favorites. The thoughtful, carefully composed song is only one of the eleven that exhibits the band’s precision and diligence in producing this album. “It was one of those songs that we had half written for like a year” Matterns tells, “all of us loved it, then we finally finished it right before going to studio then we finished it again and it’s kind of just a great song”.

The commitment to produce a quality album is evident in just about every song and when discussing the recording and writing process, it is only solidified that the band put in blood and sweat into making it the best it could possibly be. When asked between the main differences in Unimagined Bridges, in comparison to their older material the response made perfect sense “The production on it is better than it’s ever been before” Welsh answers “We were working with a producer that had a different vision than what we were bringing to the table so it was cool to collaborate. We spent more time writing the songs then ever before” he describes. “Everything was just really well thought out, everything serves a purpose to every little note, rhythm, we really tried to make sure that it was the best it could possibly be” Juan chimes in. And it made sense, the band members went on to explaining how writing music became their full time job which consisted of writing three hours a day, having lunch, and then going back to writing for three or four more hours, for about four to five days a week.

And although the band considers the song writing process a team effort, Tyler Welsh is attributed to writing all the lyrics. The “democratic band”, as they called themselves, doesn’t particularly restrict each other and they oftentimes “bicker” (not fight) over what goes where, and what stays out. but the group nonetheless works well together and has learnt to call their disagreements, “constant creative criticism”.


The Music, The Message and The Powerful Band

There is no doubt that the future is bright for Driver Friendly, both as people and as musicians they shine brighter than a lot of other bands who lack their vivacity and dedication to produce quality music as well as visuals to accompany their works of art. Their legacy, even in just simply the local Texan music scene is one to remember, and their presence as a fully equipped band is just as strong and powerful as their music. “I think our biggest thing is for people to just listen to our music and make it mean whatever they need it to mean for them,” Welsh concludes, then the band goes on to explain situations in which fans have reached out to them and thanked them for the times their music has accompanied special moments in their lives and it truly is touching to hear some of the special kind of respect their fans have for the band. If anything, it’s a wonderful trait the band seems to have, regardless of what city they may come from, or how much more popular they seem to get, Driver Friendly has a very intimate appeal and continues to share a closely programmed relationship with supporters.

“We love Houston, its our home, we love playing here, and it’s our home stage no matter what” Lane finalizes, as the interview comes to a close. We then begin to look for a place to take pictures and as I’m strutting up the cracked cement stairs on a little platform against a run down house I can’t help but think and be appreciative of bands like Driver Friendly whose passions for music go beyond record deals and publicity and extend as far as to humble these musicians to simply be lovers and creators of music.

I guess I was thinking so much that I forgot to say goodbye. I go back and shake their hands and as I return to the angry guitars inside the warehouse I simply think that if the city of Houston could talk it would say, well, Driver Friendly, Houston loves you too.

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Fitzgerald’s Moving?


According to a post on the Houston subreddit, beloved local venue Fitzgerald’s is moving to a new location.  It will reportedly boast a capacity of 1500 with multiple stages, one of which will overlook Downtown Houston.  The area surrounding the proposed new location will be improved as well, with new sidewalks and lighting being put in.

What do you think?  Is this a good move for the aging venue?

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