FunFunFun Fest Artist: Pissed Jeans


Oh great.  These guys.

The upstanding gentleman you see pictured above you is none other than Sean McGuinness, drummer for noise rock four-piece Pissed Jeans, and he’s looking to barf all over his drumkit in front of thousands at Fun Fun Fun Fest.  They’ll be supporting Rocket From the Crypt on Sunday, November 9th, on the black stage.

Pissed Jeans are more or less acclaimed, consistently almost receiving BNM nods from Pitchfork, but never quite getting there, because they’re Pissed Jeans. There’s absolutely nothing intellectual about what they do.  They’re disgusting people who make disgusting music for other disgusting people and you should absolutely go see them so you can revel in the noisy, angry, stupid, sloppy puke-fest that is a Pissed Jeans show.  One of the best bands on the planet.

Coog Radio will be organizing ticket giveaways during the weeks leading up to the festival, so stay engaged!  And stay tuned for more Meet the Artists posts covering the outstanding lineup!

Watch the absolutely terrible, but amazing video for the absolutely terrible, but amazing “I’ve Still Got You (Ice Cream)”:

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Ticket Giveaway: Fitz and The Tantrums



Monday October 6th Fitz And The Tantrums will be performing at The House of Blues with special guest In The Valley Below! Don’t miss out and pick up your tickets at or tune in to Coog Radio for a chance to win a pair of tickets!


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Ticket Giveaway: In Too Deep Tour featuring Ty Dolla $ign and Lil Bibby


Ty Dolla $ign is making his way to Houston next Friday, October 3rd! He will be supported by up and coming rapper, Lil Bibby at Warehouse Live! Roxxx Ciy will have your way in to the show FOR FREE! Tune in from 7- 9 PM today!

If you would rather by your tickets, purchase them at or email me for hard tickets at

Check out Ty Dolla $igns video for “Paranoid” featuring B.o.B:


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Throwback Thursday/FunFunFun Fest Artist: Gary Numan


35 years ago on this day, the incomparable Gary Numan released his seminal album, The Pleasure Principle, in the United States.  Driven by singles such as “Complex” (which hit #6 in the UK) and his signature song “Cars” (#1 UK, #9 US), Gary Numan and The Pleasure Principle were massively important to synth driven music becoming not only an acceptable, but even preferred genre in popular music during the ’80s.  35 years later, Numan is still sharing his music with the world, and will be doing so live at this year’s Fun Fun Fun Fest.


To call Gary Numan one of the most influential popular musicians of all-time isn’t an overstatement.  A wide range of artists: David Bowie, Prince, Afrika Bambaataa, Nine Inch Nails, along with many others, have claimed to be inspired by his work.  His image and sound was cold, stoic, and robotic, and listeners were mesmerized.  Gary Numan was so vastly different from everyone, which is often a recipe for failure, but his genius allowed him to package his message to be appreciated by massive amounts of people.  Between his album with Tubeway Army, Replicas, and The Pleasure Principle, 1979 was the year of Gary Numan.  Popularity, innovation, acclaim, and a culture shock that has resonated to this day were all his.  Gary Numan may indeed be the most legendary musician at this year’s Fun Fun Fun Fest.

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New Single: The Improbables’ “Bad Vibrations” b/w “Giving You a Key”


Another month, another Hidden Volume single.  This time, it’s Philadelphia’s favorite sons, the Improbables.

“Bad Vibrations” effortlessly melds surf rock guitar with the classic English beat sound (primarily due to the simple, steady, bouncy drumming).  The intro is fantastic, opening with a classic-sounding riff and tambourines that tickle your eardrums.  “Bad Vibrations” is just another example of Hidden Volume artists successfully re-creating the “old sound”, like singles from the Belltowers and Quitty & the Don’ts have done before them.  The production’s a bit cleaner and more modern than on those singles, and may be more accessible to more modern audiences due to that, but the sound and songwriting can lead you to wonder why they never hit it big like the Who during the British Invasion.

“Giving You a Key” is perhaps a more straight forward number, turning down the beat elements, and all but replacing the surf with garage rock and blues rock influence.  It’s got a bit more muscle, a bit more grime, but it’s still a catchy, upbeat rocker, which seem to be the forte of the Improbables.

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FunFunFun Fest Artist: Sky Ferreira


This Sunday November 9th, New York sensation Sky Ferreira will be performing at Austin’s very own Fun Fun Fun Fest. With her seductive vocals, neo goth style and new wave, pop rock-y jams she will be showing Texas what New York youth and music is all about.

At only twenty two, Ferreira began her career as a youngster via MySpace and where she was later signed by record company Bloodshy and Avant. After releasing a series of extended plays, and most infamously her hit song Everything is Embarrassing (with the help of music guru, Dev Hynes) the young musician saw unprecedented, and well deserved fame. With appearances on Jimmy Fallon, top notch modeling contracts, and commercial deals alongside stars like Snoop Dog and Big Sean, Ferreira has dove headfirst into a fruitful, and successful career. She opened for Miley Cyrus during the Bangerz tour where she suffered a stage slip in which she injured herself and left the tour, she came back shortly thereafter, and proved to audiences that Sky was a name they wouldn’t forget.

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