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I’ll be honest: while I knew of Orville Peck, I did not listen to him or know his music until I watched season 2 of HBO’s Euphoria. I know, that makes me what some would consider a fake fan, but at least I’m admitting it! Orville Peck’s Pony has been on repeat for me the […]

While I was scrolling through my Instagram explore page the other day, I came across a video snippet of The Kelly Clarkson Show. In the highlighted part of this episode, Kelly Clarkson was sitting down with Selena Gomez, discussing Gomez’s musical career. Selena said, “I’ve constantly been trying to make my music better and better, […]

As an extension of my last article, I will be delving into the world of what I creatively call “plantcore,” a musical aesthetic that has angiosperm-like themes. Oftentimes plantcore can be characterized as simplistic and whimsical, yet insightful; a feeling that can be equated to walking through a plant nursery or lurking through the brush […]

Last week (Jan. 18), the greatest lineup you could imagine was announced. My Chemical Romance. Paramore. Thursday. Pierce the Veil. Taking Back Sunday. Bring Me the Horizon. Avril Lavigne. Jimmy Eat World. The Used. You name it; it’s there. Warped Tour who? When We Were Young Festival is a three-day festival in Las Vegas presented […]

Whether the songs serve as a diegetic cue or relegated to a film’s background, music ties everything together. Soundtracks are always associated with the works of Hans Zimmer, Justin Hurwitz and John Williams. While their work is undeniably great, there are some really soundtracks that don’t get as much hype as they should. Here are […]

It seems that everyone has a record player these days. I think I personally know more people with record players than Nintendo Switches at this point, though I’m not sure if that says more about the state of the music industry or the people I choose to spend time with. In any case, records have […]

Washington D.C. born artist Kelela started her journey with music in the fourth grade, when she learned to play the violin and sing. It wasn’t until she started going to the American University in 2001 where she started singing jazz at local cafés. This snowballed the Ethiopian artist’s music career, and was the beginning of […]

Twee is a counterculture and subgenre of indie-pop that is categorized as “excessively or affectedly quaint, pretty, or sentimental.” While it originated in the 1980s, it also had a revival in the late 2000s and early 2010s. Recently on Tik Tok, people have been anticipating another Twee revival, and like any good counterculture, it is […]

When a new year starts, we tend to look back at what we have done and what we could have done. We tend to reflect on the good and the bad, and nostalgia may start. Listening to music you loved in the past can definitely help you realize how far you have come. In light […]

2022 is here and the world continues to spin, sometimes seemingly way too fast. We are still facing challenges of the pandemic, a new school semester is starting for most college students, and life in general can be overwhelming. Here are six of my favorite throwback songs that help bring about good energy when feeling […]

Watering a Flower­, by well renowned Japanese musician Haruomi Hosono is one of the most tasteful albums I have ever listened to as it teaches us about the importance of silence and how minimalism in music can actually be more emotionally provoking than grand orchestras or melodramatic pop music. If anything, music akin to what’s […]

It’s New Years Eve, and ’tis is the (end of the) season for listening to Christmas music! Here are (in my opinion!) the best pop/contemporary Christmas albums: The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show by Kacey Musgraves This second Christmas album by Kacey Musgraves is only better than her first, A Very Kacey Christmas, because it includes […]

As we all listen to our Spotify Wrapped playlists (and try to figure out what the hell our “top genres” list says), we can agree 2021 was a year of great music. Many new artists have emerged with incredibly successful debuts. Here are some artists who took over 2021, and how their success will go […]

When you’re going through a break-up, nothing hits quite like sad songs.  And no song could be truly devastating without some heartbreaking lyrics. From Frank Ocean to Phoebe Bridgers, some artists just really seem to understand our occasional need, as listeners, to cry it out to a great piece of music. Let’s get into it! […]

The month of November has come to an end, and December only means it will get colder. Here is a list of albums to help you embrace the winter spirit. Ella Fitzgerald Sings The George And Ira Gershwin Song Book by Ella Fitzgerald Jazz is one of my favorite genres of music to listen to. […]

At the start of her career, Swift signed to Big Machine Records. When record executive and celebrity manager Scooter Braun (Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato) acquired Big Machine, Swift’s works from 2006 to 2017 were sold to Shamrock Holdings without her knowledge. After signing with Republic in 2018, Swift’s new label allowed her to own all […]

On October 14, singer-songwriter SZA announced a set of shows that will happen throughout November. She described the shows as “not being a tour,” but rather “intimate performances” she would play in a few cities. One of her stops was in Houston at Warehouse Live and I immediately got tickets, which was such a good […]

The authenticity and variety of West African music draws its inspiration from ancient Mandinka culture. Mandinka people are a sub-ethnic group of the Mandes, an ethnic family who originated from the former Mali Empire (13th to 16th century). Nowadays, they are found in the regions of Senegal, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, and Northern Ivory Coast.  The Mandinka […]

Mayday Parade announced their 2022 tour, the 11th Anniversary Self-Titled Album Tour, last week. Their self-titled album was released on Oct. 4, 2011. Out of their 6 studio albums, their self-titled still has some of their strongest work. It is my personal favorite, and lead vocalist Derek Sanders’s favorite by them as well. To celebrate […]

Ambient music is entirely based around creating a meditative atmosphere so that the listener’s mind can wander freely and enjoy a hypothetical musical landscape. I often get lost in here, but in a good sense, just to explore. One of the great musical architects of the past couple of decades that is able to create […]

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